what day is today?

this is a new game i play by myself. the days are melting into eachother- one by one. i miss my fiancee, and the babies, but at this rate,i hope by the end of next year i’ll be debt free.
job one is no fun. i’m still not sure if i made the right decision in taking the job. i’ll remain until something better comes up. job 2- the mouse house- i like what i do, and i have a good manager, so no complaints except the usual, i should get paid a lot more! funny thing is i’m not sure how much longer i will remain at the mouse house, only time will tell.

need i say more?

Dear jenny,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, August 17:

Surface chitchat won’t do it for you right now. Anyone who approaches you really should be warned about that before they’re allowed to actually initiate a conversation. This applies especially to anyone who might irritate you.

survived the “hurricane” and am now working like a mad hatter. training is a bitch and a half. at least things are making sense. the days are going by in such a blur that i forget what day it is and just know i have to get up and take the dog out (most mornings anyways!) then remind myself if i have to get dressed or if it’s a sleep in moring… tomorow is a double duty day as is friday. i’m truly looking forward to saturday afternoon at 2:01PM when my “day off” officially begins! then back to work on sinday at 6PM…did i type SINday??? that was brilliant!

survived the storm

went to wpb and managed to survive. it rained on the way there, which was an omen. i really didn’t get to do too much. never got my sushi, which was the one thing i was looking forward to since it was to celebrate the new job. josh got to play with his friends. i ended up with a migrane and staying home. missed the show, but i think that was a good thing (chaos + drama= not my cup of tea) got on the road today and of course it rained the whole time. still have the mirgaine, and had to call in to the night shift. i have tomorrow off to “recouperate” and finally get my sushi.


got the word, new job is a go and to finalize tomorrow… woo hoo! so i start training on tuesday. the mouse house has been nice enough to let me go p/t for the time being… hopefully all will work out.