i’m free!!

no more job at the collection agency. my girl ceci has been kind enough to forward my resume to her employer and i start in a week. this looks to be a real job, good benefits and a nice atmosphere! finally!
so, now that i have a week off to myself… well not really, i’m still at the mouse house in the evenings… it’s time to spring clean (in the fall.)
the twnhouse needs some tlc, and i’m in the mood to streamline.
that being said, it’s time to get a move on!

lunch time!

i’m home on my lunch break… looking at the forecast and so far, no hurricane ivan. this is a good thing, however last hurricane i got a break from working. (sure we might not have had electricity and food, or hot showers, but time off is time off, right?)
i’ve been such a good girl lately. soon the car will be paid off and then i can get started on some bills. if i can keep it together for the next couple of months, i might be able to time it just right so that by the next shift bid at the mouse house i could be able to get a m-f shift! until then, i resume to be the mad-hatter… and ooops, i’m late! i’m late!
time to get back to work.

wanted: sleep

i am so tired that i want to spoon my eyes from my head and chop off my ears and sew my mouth shut, and then loose my fingers. i dont want to have any sense of exitence for a day. i need a mental holiday from everything. my gray matter is to the point that i believe that it will not recover.
in a few weeks i actually get a whole day off. i’m looking so forward to it. it will be absolutely fabulous!!