new job

my new job seems to be going well. i’m starting to settle in and feel comfortable. it’s a great company that is on the uprise in its market, this could turn out to be a very good thing!!
and now it’s time to say good bye, to all those families. MIC-seeya real soon (not) KEY- why because it’s time to go! MOUSE. yes i will be leaving the mouse house in approximately 3 weeks. after giving it much thought, i realized that the extra 20+8 hours of working there was starting to affect the home situation. and i really don’t need to work 2 jobs. sure the discount is good, but really the fl res discounts are almost the same as the cast member rate, so really it was no big deal afteral. the only thing i’ll miss is free admission whenever i want to go and free parking.
that being said it will open up a bit more spare time to take care of things around the house and spend some qt with the boy, my little amn thumper and our soon to arrive little girl!!
now we can go for evening walks at the park… well we’re off to see if we can get another dog!


this is my favorite month. it always makes me happy when the calander is on october.
i have been ultra lazy this past week. nothing but rekindeling the relationship with the backs of my eye lids has been accomplished. i have 5 days (count ‘em: 1-2-3-4-five days) to get things in order before i go back to working like a mad hatter.
can she do it? only time will tell.