it’s already november???

time sure does fly…
i really like my new job. things are falling into place. i am almost un-officially done at the mouse house.
blu would appreciate this: i went to cinese buffet and now i have a horrible sickness!!!

so many new things on my horizon
first off there is a new addition to casa jen and josh… our fawnpug BAMBI… she is the sweetest and cutest!

in other news i am now singing in a band which is amaxing. this is my first week putting pen to paper and pushing out lyrics that seem to actually fit. sometime next week once i am less ill i will be able to make it to practise and see if the rest of the band likes my stuff. this is a transitional period… i hope it works out.
fingers and toes are crossed.
really i feel so naked putting myself on the line lyrically and vocally. it’s a scary and nearly frightening feeling…i’m shy—- and sleepy.
time to get to bed!