starting off

well the year is starting off well. we’ve done 2 open mics at the brass mug and have landed a more permanent situation there starting in february.
“so much to do, so much om my mind…” words from our song WEEK 50 says it all!
once we can get some funding together we hope to put together a recording to start shopping our sound.

a new year is upon me

well 2005 is here and things are going swimmingly. the band might have a few shows towards the end of the month, and if all goes well, that might lead to a permanent spot at a local bar… fingers are crossed. so far i’ve managed to write lyrics for 7-9 songs, i’ve lost count. hopefully in febuary we will be doing a mini length CD.

forgot to mention xxx-mas. it was great. got an i-pod and a game for my game boy advance and lots of other cool things. i think the boy liked all his stuff i gave him, and of course the cats got all catnipped out and the dogs got a bunch of new toys…

anyways this year we hope to do a bit of traveling. we’re thinking nyc in may-ish and colorado aroung oct/nov (maybe somewhere in between we can go to new orleans)

in the mean time i’m staying busy and out of trouble for the most part. 🙂