quitters never fail they just give up…

this sums up how i feel about the X drummer of TSR.

of course i can understand if someone has other things going on in their life that disables them from being in a committed “relationship.” after all being in a band is like an extended family… but to walk out with no notice and shows already booked, well that’s where nej comes out and well the village idiot is loose…
nej- the alter ego… village idiot who uses the out loud voice, too loud.
i’m trying to remind myself that things happen for a reason. i would much rather have someone leave the band than to make it a miserable situation down the road for everyone involved. still no notice is completely unprofessional…
not that i’ve bitched a little i feel a bit better. i’m sure we’ll find someone who is better suited for the band, and who will love being in our band.

what a weekend

well… we played our first to shows back to back. we’ve officially hit the tampa and st pete scene with a vengence.
we’ve made some great new friends with a band called bad cat, and they rock. we played both nights with them and they are solid! we also me up with another band called caught off guard who played last night with us. they’re really great!
it’s now saturday and i’m feeling lazy. i hate being the “soccer mom” with the suv, so next show i plan of getting tipsy… someone else will have to drive!

valentine’s day

happy this week our band has 2 shows. hopefully people will come out and like us. i’ve been super busy with writing lyrics and trying to memorize all the words. so far i think we have 11 songs completed. in all actuality it’s enough to do a cd, but i’m getting ahead of myself.
if you happen to be cruising though this site and have not made your way to the band website… check it out at: www.tailspinrecovery.com
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