thank you very little

ok so i’m on my soap box and trying not to slip…
it would be nice to find a drummer who :
– knows how to play
– show up for an audition “prepared”
– likes what we are doing (as to not waste our time as well as their own)
– doesn’t have an attitude
– doesn’t have commitment issues
– doen’t mind working with a female— because after all that seems to be 50% of all interested’s issues…” i don’t wan’t to work with a girl” or ” i don’t wanna be in a chick band”

this in no way shape or form is directed at any one person… we have been constantly auditioning for the past 2 months. there has been some with talent and then some more lack luster than others. but i beieve and i know that the right drummer is somewhere out there on the horizon… however the sun has set for many a night and still we have not found the right person…
dare i say drum machine?
dare I
i need another beverage!
good night!

note to self:

if i am going to punch someone in the face, and they cover it up… DO NOT punch them in the head… (because that will hurt me more than it will hurt them.)
next time aim lower and go for a kidney.


so it’s been a while since i’ve posted…
i’ve been super busy and managing my time poorly.
that being said:

work is work, and it i’m still there, and it’s still pretty decent.

we’ve been looking for a new drummer for TSR. it’s upsetting when something begins to build such a momentum and then come to a grinding hault. things are now moving slowly, but there has been 2 new songs written. so that is a bit of pogress made i suppose.

went to NOLA last weekend. had a great time. in a perfect world, i would move there and sell my paintings along the side of the street and eat creole and cajun food all day while listening to some dixieland and zydeco… and i don’t really even like zydeco… but you get the picture. being surrounded by all that history, and those spooky old buildings, (or rather their decent replicas,) really makes me feel right at home.
maybe one day

the pugs and hisses are all doing well. bambi became a woman a few weeks ago so next heat we hope that thumper will be the little man and de-flower her…

well off to work on my secret project. if this works out over the next year, then maybe i will be in a position to start my own business!
fingers crossed.