i know what you’re thinking

ok so there STILL isn’t a photo page… i know i know!

it’s memorial day weekend and things are looking good.
friday night we went out to celebrate what is yet to come. the boy has a new situation and things are starting to happen. i’m so proud of him. i’ve never dated anyone who has been really successful, and well, he is. soon all the bitches and hoe’s will be all over him not just for his $ but because he’s a rock star. so it’s a bit unnerving and needless to say it has me a bit worried; but i know he’s not like some of the others i’ve dated, so i think i’m safe. and i have to trust him.

as for other news:
work is work
band is coming along
pugs and hisses are all fine…
i just wish i could have slept in this weekend! 😉

playing house

i’ve been ultra domesticated today.
got a start on my spring cleaning. i’m letting go of a lot of stuff. i’ve been down sizing my wardrobe. it’s so liberating! out with the old and in with the new.

my hair is wild!! i mean WILD. i hope the colors stay true for as long as possible.

this weekend i’ll be cooking, cleaning, and working on a quilt that has been so neglected. i bought a new sewing machine about a month ago and it only has about 2 hours of use so far…
i’ll also be attempting to get a photo page up and running; hopefully by sunday. but that probably won’t really happen knowing me 😉

oh and i need to work on lyrics for a new song we’ve been toying with.

well, enough chit-chat… i have stuff to do…

mother of 4

for mothers day i got flowers and balloons delivered on friday at work from the “kids.” everyone thought it was cute that the cats and dogs sent flowers… (i really do have the best kids ever… if only they would let me sleep in!)

in other news i’m at it again… disaster area in the bathroom as i play mad scientist and mix up some new color for my hair… stripping out black is a chore, and i’m toying with the idea of some fire engine red streaks… only time (and chemicals) will tell the true out come.
maybe i should write a song about all the colors of my hair… 😉