slight technicality…

good morning sunshine it’s 6:40am!! – darned dogs-
ok so yesterday endned up being my last day at work. i was ready to go!

this is the first day of the rest of my life.

i have a lot on my plate these days. i’m glad the plate i’m using has those little divider sections in it… i like clean lines.
that being said first and foremost i am still needing to do a small bit of liquidation of the personal junk. “Why,” you may ask?
well we are in the process of relocating. our apartment complex has decided to go condo and our building is first to be rennovated! lucky us. currently we have a few options:
1 we can be moved to a different location on the current property we rent from.
2 find a new apartment complex
3 buy a house
of course either way you look at it, it means we need to pack up and move. my fingers are crossed for #3.

the band thing is going well. we’re still auditioning drummers. and hopefully in the next week or 2 we will have found the one.
then we can start getting it together and playing out.

thumper and bambi are doing well.
thumper has been peeing on things, i’m not sure if he’s jealous of bambi (even though i give him tons of attendtion) or if he’s marking territory. (most of the stuff he pees on is the boys!)
bambi has an ear infection and that means meds… so much fun!

today i am going to have a me day. next week i start doing what i need to do in order to start my little home business thing. ijosh had a great idea, i just need to try it and see if it’s doable.

well it’s now 7am and time to go back to sleep for an hour!!

i did it

so after one of the most terrible weeks ever in the history of my “professional career” i have come to the realization that “i’m over it!”
let’s just say that a bad situation become worse and then got to the point that it was so bad that i was drained.
after a good long look at the horizon, we came to the conlusion that now is the time and the opportunity is here for me to embark on a more creative front and go it on my own.
my last day will be 12 august… (julz won the bet i think!)