is this thing on?

christmas is fast approaching. almost have the gifts for my neice and nephews done. they’re in for a big surprise! christmas will be done differently this year. we’re going over on christmas eve and doing the kids gifts and them coming home and spending our first christmas at home together. i need to figure out what i need to make for dinner.
we just had to buy new brakes for my car and that was over 350.00 spent for my christmas “gift” to myself. whatever would i do without the boy. he takes such good care of me.
today we are to do a bit of recording for tsr. i’m not sure what is happening for the schedule today, but i’m not expecting to lay any vocal tracks today.
as for the home, we are not having a tree, wreath or any other christmas items in the house. we have almost everything put away in the house, and starting to settle in, so the last thing i wanted to do is pull everything out of the closets and recreate another mess.
i found an armoire for the livingroom tv which will be our christmas gift this year. nothing else. i have asked everyone not to buy me any gifts, unless they want to buy me a new floor for the kitchen or bathroom, or a new roof, or new electric and insulation… the list is growing lets not forget the kitchen sink and bathroom fixtures that are needed. my personal project after christmas is to buy a closet organizer so i can maximize my tiny little closet space into something almost functional.
well, it’s time to goto kpaul’s and record some music.


well so far thumper is oficially 2 and he’s such a good little man. bambi has been the sweetest and bed time is great, once we all get settled in and inot our spots. then i can’t even roll over coz i’m basically trapped until morning.
the new place is cool. we’ve taken our time getting settled in and are getting ready for christmas. rumor is it that we may get a tree and a wreath but i’m wondering how it will survive the “children.”
been working on music with the boy and as always we are trudging forward with new stuff. there’s a new riff he’s been playing and it’s inspiring. he really has a beautiful soul 😉 and it comes through in his music. we work well together since we’re so hypercritical of ourselves, it works.
work is work, been busy with making curtains for the house and trying to organize the wants of the house so i can start the new year with a new project.
wonder what it will be.