happy birthday josh

josh and my dad have the same birthday…. josh turned 25, a whole quarter of a century has passed. tonight we’re recording some new material for “farewell to thee” and laying low. tomorrow we’re going out with some friends for dinner, drinks and craziness.
today i got good news. i’m approved for pug rescue. we can either adopt or foster. so i let them know i can take 2 more “babies” woo hoo!
the house is coming along. i’ve been super lazy since i’m still on RQOT at the mouse house. rumor is that by mid march we’ll be back down to normal hours… then i can get more beautification projects done to this old bungalow!

but seriously

“let’s get some drinks shall we?” the very words being spoken on the tv as i type… my current person i look up to is the mad hatter… only because we really have no true idea of what lies in the bottom of the [‘tea cup… me thinks it may be a martini.
work is work and still on RQOT for the next 3 weeks and then, who knows?? not i!!
at the bungalow i’ve been painting and buying stuff for the house. the living room is half way there.
in obscurity, i really should change my contacts, i have a headache and am dehydrated.
“be kind, he’s still in love with me”, words now on the tv…. i think sex and the city is brilliant!!
almost pumpkin time… need sleep and h2o.

feeling neglected?

i know. i’ve been ultra lax on posting and seroiusly… as always i have a lot to say. but does anyone really read this other than myself? i think not.
i’ve been on required OT at the mouse house, so of course… little time for anything but work. ina nutshell 50+ hours a week on the phones dealing with indecisive people results in my disdain for approaching a computer on the homefront for “socializing” lately.
as for TSR, dan came down and laid some tracks over the past weekend and josh has nearly completed his bass tracks as well. paul has been pretty decent on getting it all together so that hopefully i’ll be in the “studio” to finish up. i really wish we could get things in order with a guitarist and start moving forward. dan will hopefully be oving back soon and then we can go full force. we had a good practice (josh dan and myself) on friday so it’s just a matter of time and luck to fill in the missing piece. i’m really hoping that i won’t need to learn how to play guitar, as i truly do suck and can’t do bar chords to save my life. i guess i have weak fingers… good for being a makeup artist, bad for being a guitarist.
in closing, one day maybe we’ll be one the road playing at a venue near you, and you… and you.