i’m not wearing green today

this was my horoscope for today:
Here is your horoscope
for Friday, March 17:

An old lover may come back into your life when you least expect it, but the question is — are you ready to welcome them back? If the answer is no, be firm and don’t let them persuade you. You know what’s best.

i find it ironically amusing.
tonight we’re having an irish bash, and so far the bread is to die for! dinner will be ready by 8-ish. i’m getting hungry.

in other news, i’m still foster mommying the 2 pugs so i need to keep my fingers crossed that they will get placed soon.
oh and thumper de-flowered bambi so there is a slight minute chance that she may have gotten pregnant, oh the shame of a possible unplanned pregnancy, but better her than me, right?

been working on new music for ‘farewell to thee’ and it’s going smashingly. we have 2 songs completed and did a remake of ‘overkill’ by men at work. it’s actually a pretty good take on the origional. tailspin recovery is going nowhere fast. i’m finally needed to lay vocals for our tracks so i’m relieved that it looks like this will be a completed project. not so sure on the band thing. no guitarist and a drummer that is pretty much unavailable as he lives far away, this may be an end to TSR, however FWTT is becoming a great foorerunning “side project” and making music and writing really allows me to breathe.

gospel music blaring at 8am on a sunday is ungodly

the good christian who are renting next door are the worst neighbors. to preface: this is a house that is 800 square feet with 2 seperate “families” living in it. oh and did i mention that there is a shack in the back yard that has beed fenced so the comminity patrol can’t really see it from the street side, and that there is another family living in it that like to put their laundry on the fence to dry. i’ve made one complaint this week in regards to the occupancy of the unliveable shack, and will make another very soon. oh and did i mention that apparently there is a new junkyard in town? yep it’s the back yard of me dear next door neighbors. the guy that rents this “home” owns many houses in the area and is truly a slum lord.
so my mission is to get this situation taken care of swiftly as i can’t bear to wake up at all hours of the night whenever someone drives around the back yard blaring their music, or when the decide it’s time to add mre junk to the trash heap… my patience is wearing thin.

i swear, one of these days…

i really will put up some photos.
that being said: i am nearly done with the living room. once i fall in love with a sofa set, it’s on!
next on the agenda is bedroom furniture that i will be purchasing on thursday. so i will need to finally decide on a wall color in the next few days that i will be able to contend with.
decisions decisions.
everything is so permanent and that is an unfamiliar feeling.
on the homefront- i am foster parenting 2 pugs. they’re amazing. i hope they find a forever home soon. i almost want to keep them, but the premise is to foster needy pugs and help them place.
on the work front… work is work- and i’m head of the diversity platform for our team, so i’m involved and some of my ideas are traveling to orlando. so that’s looking promising. rumor has it that the RQOT is over as of now, so i’m looking forward to getting more done at home while i have a normal schedule.
on the band front… things are stagnant. i haven’t been able to lay any vocal tracks for tailspin recovery… so maybe one day this project will be completed. thank my lucky stars that josh is wanting to persue a musical outlet, so we’ve been working on some gothic industrial electronica pieces. i’m supposed to be getting a new mic for recording. so far i have lyrics in the works for 2 of 4 songs. it’s great to have someone to collaborate with and who really likes what i have to offer.
that being said i want to whore myself for other projects. i like the electronica stuff. it’s different from the TSR agenda. with TSR i feel that i can’t be too gender specific in the content of what i write, so i try to remain ambiguious while with the electronica stuff i can be a girl and have my own platform. either way, i’m happy working on all music.
we’ll i’m tired and need to get some zzz’s