it’s official, i’m a NANA!

on saturday night at nearly 11:30 bambi went into labor. she was a week early on her delivery date, but all went well. she really is a great dog. we are blessed with 7 yeah that’s right SEVEN pug puppies. 3 black males, 3 fawn males and 1 little fawn female. what a handful. i’ve been home being the overprotective and super watchful NANA, making sure everyone eats and is safe. her spot is on the sofa. she pulls them out of the whelping box and puts them on the sofa with us, silliness. now the questions is: what are we to do with 7 puppies runing around the house over the next 8 weeks… eeekk!!

on the way-

so i’m in the market for a new career. i’m still wanting to go back to school, but for now there is much to be done at the house. and i’m a great sales person so it’s time to use all my experience and make something of it.

there’s been a ton of new thins going on. last night i got done laying the main vocal tracks down for the TSR album. (do they still call them albums when pressed in cd format?) ALSO the farewell to thee stuff has been going well. we’re working on some new songs. we make a great team josh and i.
oh and the rumor is that thumper de-flowered bambi and it seems as though she may be in the family way. oh the shame! she’s getting round in the middle and she’s being so grumpy! it’s really quite cute. IF she is preggo then we’ll have to keep one but of course. fingers are crosssed coz i think shes either 4 or 5 weeks along.
well daddy bought me the new kingdom hearts game so i must devote some quality time to playing video games now 😉