where am i?

passed the state of florida insurance test a few weeks ago. that was a nervous breakdown in the making… every other question i answered, i was thinking, i’m going to fail this test, and then i’d get a few questions that i felt almost confident in answering. it was brutal. now i’ve been field training and next week i’ll be on my own, do you need health or life insurance? if so i’m your girl. call now so i can help you.
TSR has a show coming up on 22 july, it will be my birthday show, it should be a good time.
puppies are doing well, still need to sell 4 on them.
in the meantime, i’m almost done at the mouse house, once i start next week in the field, i’ll be giving notice the mickey, because i can’t be on overdrive. that being said i’m ready for my new career. looking forward to working for myself and making a difference.

oh and yeah i know i had SAID that i was going to post photos and what not to my site, and true it’s bee like what 2 years since i’ve had my little site? maybe soon there will be a few random visuals to look at.
i have’t been feeling pretty, so there will be a lot of pugs for your viewing pleasure.

too many paws running after me

so the babies are all over the place. we have decided to keep the little black pug, lucky #7 who consequently was born with a white patch on his chest and he WILL be named de-flower. he’s super sweet. of course there is also little belle who is such a little princess, so i may end up keeping 2.
i am not going to be know as the crazy pug lady, but they’re so addictive!
TSR has a show last week and it went pretty good. we’re trying to get more shows however with scheduling constraints it’s a little rough. hopefully all will be well soon.
there is a storm a brewing i hope we fare well. speaking of…
farewell to thee may be able to play a show in the fall. that would be interesting to do.
oh and the best news: i passed the state insurance exam so i am now officially licensed. woo-hoo. most fail it on the first take.
well i’m off and away i go!