as it should be

so tailspin recovery is no longer together. josh and i dissolved the band situation last night.
at the end of the day, it seems that everyone has different motives and expectations.
i always envisioned being in a band like having a family unit. but most musicians are out to make money, and want they whole fame and fortune thing, you know: sex drugs and rock n roll… which is fine, but not what we’re all about. 😉
we were stagnant. unable to write new music since one person lives out of town and strung us along for over 6 months with “intentions” of moving back so we could progress forward with TSR. he pretty much threw a fit about new stuff, refused to learn new stuff since he wasn’t there to “write it.” what a diva, whiner, weirdo…
ok i was frustrated! but it’s out of my system now, since we’re moving on.
the saying is “talent is only 10%” and it’s so true.
the good news is:
josh and i will be teaming up with a guitarist friend and writing all new stuff. a new band? i hope so. he’s got skills and personality and we really like him as a person. he’s got a great attitude and nice eyes… really what that means in band talk is: a new sound, new songs, a different direction, something different and a new band name… what will it be? what will it be? we don’t know yet.
but i’m not clinging to the past.