family ties

so we are offically done with selling the puppies. breeding puppies is a real amazing experience, but a lot of work. it was good for a one time thing, but we defineately did not come out ahead monitarily. however our little family has grown in size. we decided to keep 3 of the puppies, (d.flower, belle and sebastian) which is a lot of work, but since we’re not having kids it should be manageable.
we played with jon a few nights ago and got a song written. i always stress when put on the spot to “come up” with lyrics. like words are gonna fall out of the sky and into my lap so i can make sense of it… but i did.
the insurance thing has been slow going, so i’m starting another sales job to hopefully be able to bring in a respectable income. the next week or so i’ll be training, that should be FUN!
well the back “sun room” was painted last weekend. i’m wanting to get my room done next. i want a nice calm green… i may do an argyle pattern on one wall just to break it up a bit.
it’s time to get myself together and start the day.