ever wonder?

you think someone is a friend, only later in the “relationship” you come to the realization that actions speak louder than words. and some take no action at all. perplexing! it’s difficult to find good hearted, nondeceptive, nonselfish people in the world. maybe that’s why i’m a crab. i come out of the shell with good intentions, and in hindsight realize that the world is an untrusting place and everyone is really just looking out for #1. why do i try?

soyou can see i have been taking inventory on the people i surround myself with. the realization is bleak, it sad to think that i came into this world alone and will leave alone. i’m realizing the grim fact that true friendships never really exist. maybe i just choose the wrong people to surround myself with. i need to make better decisions. instead of being the giver of the olive branch, maybe i should just remove the branch from my hand and see if anyone comes to me in an offer of something meaningful.

only time will tell.