happy halloween

so today is the day of all halloe’s eve. tomorrow i will remember those who have past but are not forgotten!
still no word back on the JOB so i’m going crazy!!!
today’s horror-scope hee hee hee:

Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, October 31:

The current of emotion is so strong that you feel as if you might get pulled under. Do something that makes you feel grounded. Talk with a family member or hole up at home until you have it under control.


new job?

so i had interview#3 with the company i’m hoping to get hired on at… then i came home and read my horoscope. i like reading the scopes AFTER most of the day has passed, almost like i’m double checking it… but then again sometimes i check it early to get a heads up. anyways this was it:

Here is your horoscope
for Thursday, October 26:

A positive change benefits your family, so look forward to the future. It may happen rather quickly, so be prepared to make a decision on a moment’s notice. Afterward, someone will sing your praises to the powers that be.

oh october!

once again my most favorite month is upon me. i’m hoping by month’s end i have a new job and that it gets cooler by pumpkin day.
been taking care of the babies and potty training and stuff. within the past month they have really grown. and i swear one day i WILL post some photos, i just need some tech support for help on uploading or is it downloading? i dunno.