bed rest

is a bitch.
so we are having a minor technical difficulty. i woke up with some bleeding yesterday and spent the morning at the hospital getting monitored and another sonogram. i’m trying not to make a big deal out of this, but the dr has me on bed rest for the rest of this week so i’m “taking it easy and limiting my activity” and i get to have another f/up exam next week to assess the situation. we are experiencing: complete placental previa…
the placenta is over my cervix and the baby’s head it right on top of it, so-o i’ve had some bleeding, which can be alarming and an issue. we don’t wan’t a premature labor, or for me to hemmorage. so we’re being good, and doing what the dr says to do.
the highlight of it all yesterday was during the sonogram; EP was super happy and she was smiling and waving while we we’re talking to her. so that was a positive thing…
and daddy is amazing!! he keeps asking if there’s anything i need, but really i’m good. i’m not one of those fussy, clingy, bitchy preggers that uses the pregnancy to do crazy stuff just because they can get away with it. hopefully that won’t change too much.
so anyways, i’m exiled to the bed/sofa for the next 4 days and my friends, my 5 minutes of freedom are up, back to the sofa i go…

stupid closet

so the closet project is taking much longer than expected. after a horrible experience at the home depot, and finding out that some people don’t know how to use a tape measurer, or cut wire racks, i made it home with my wares only to contend with the “lack of” battery powered drill. i have to charge it for 2 hours it drill 2 holes and then it dies, this is torture. oh and then of course the racks still weren’t cut properly so i had to ask doug for heavy duty bolt cutters to re-cut my shelves… i got at least that much done so far, however my clothes are on the bed and there’s no where for them until the closet is complete, and it looks like it will take a week with this damned drill… i need a drink!

day of beauty

had a super facial today. i’m all rejuvinated and hydrated once again. yolanda does such a good job. i’ll be going once a month from now on.
have the house to myself tonight!! woo hoo- naked time here i come, just kidding. it’s so quiet when the boy isn’t around. he’s out with jon, playing guitar, so i’m just going to relax and enjoy the silence while i can.
i’m hoping to get my closet project done tomorrow. i need to measure everything tonight and get an idea of the layout for my shelving so i can get supplies tomorrow at the home depot, and get it done! i’m dreading doing it, but i know i’ll be happy once it’s done, so i just have to stay on task and motivated… EP is just 16 weeks away.

don’t look

so i apparently broke a cardinal rule today, without even knowing it. i’ve just been informed that you DO NOT EVER open the burger (or other fastfood item) under any circumstance!! ummm ok, how do you add the mayo to the cheeseburger then? well after unveiling my what was to be a tasty mc-yummy, i was grossed out and felt as though my patty found it’s way to the floor, not a pretty sight, so lunch was not good today. at least i always keep some snacks at my desk, so lunch ended up being a special K bar and some applesauce and some cashews…
got my first little bonus from work for the month of december, so i went and bought my sideboard for the dining room. it’s a nice piece and has room for some storage. this weekend my plan is to hopefully get my closet organizer and put the shelving system in so i can clear out of the other closet and make room for josh’s basses so then EP will have a closet that we can use for baby stuffs…
we had our 24 week prenatal visit and met with the new OBGYN at the practice, she’s nice. we have a level 2 sono to be scheduled in the next few weeks, i’m hoping that goes well… hmmm 16 weeks to go, and counting.

au revoir mon geez

so on saturday we bid farewell to geez. it was a hard decision, but had to be done sooner than later. funny how the ‘friemds’ i hae that said, “oh i’ll take him” or “if you need a place for him, he has a home with me” weren’t anywhere to be found when it came down to the reality of the situation… i’m going to be spring cleaning soon!
this weekend we cleaned and got the house cat free. the boy is breathing much better now. then over the next few weeks, we’ll be cleaning the carpets, moving the boy’s room into mine and starting on the nursery. 24 weeks along, so that means we have like 16 weeks to go. time passes so quickly.
my hand is looking better and starting to heal. i can type once again so that’s a blessing. now we’re just laying low and enjoying a day off. the next few weeks are going to be hectic!!

you’ve got to be kidding me

so lenie calls friends of strays, and they can’t take geez, so we’re referred to the humane society. the humane society won’t take the geez since he’s over 5 months old, and told me i can keep the cat and not to worry about the pregnancy myths, that i’ll be fine, mind you i explained twice that the reason we need to surrender geez is because josh is now allergic to him, so the stupid girl says, well have you tried any friends of family? oh my gos, it’s worse than the time the egg called the suicide hotline and he was put on hold. anyways, things are grim, but i have no other options. and that’s all i can say about it.

in other news, bashed my hand on a broken door at work and spent the better part of my thursday seeking some medical attention from a very crappy occupational care treatment center. this has been quite a week. i’m glad it’s a 3 day weekend.
on the horizon there is the distant sound of some sort or ringing, could be my ears, or just some darned bells…
well i’m on steak duty tonight, so i have to get in the kitchen and start cooking.
did i mention that i have some of the nicest neighbors? doug called to make sure we didn’t forget to lock the gate earlier this week, so nice of him!! AND when we pulled in tonight i smelled fresh cut grass and looked at the front yard and was like whoa!! i need to buy him an icecream next time the icecream man is around (since he won’t take my $$)
ok cooking time, steak and taytoes here we come.

this could be the end of an era

so our time with the geez may be limited. the boy has developed an allergy to cats ever since i’ve been pregnant and unable to do the litter box. up until then he didn’t really have a problem with them, but now… well it’s not pretty. hives and meds and wheezing oh my. so we found a home for chester right away back in october, but julz hasn’t been able to take the geez and things with the boy aren’t getting any better when dealing with the cat! he’s still allergic and it’s come to a point that we may have to just let him go. my fingers are crossed that she pulls through for us- i’ve asked the cat people i know and no one is able to take him ;( it;s to the point that we can’t let him in the bedroom with us at night because geez wants to sleep right next to him, and that would not be a pretty sight in the morning. well my fingers are crossed that we find someplace for him soon.

yummy stuffs

while fighting off the beginnings of a sore throat, i stayed home today, since my job entails a lot of talking.
EP has been moving around a lot. we’re coming up on 24 weeks this sunday. it’s surreal still, knowing that she’s “in there” and that we’re having a baby. i mean, i can’t believe it, can you?
last night josh made chicken soup, which is always the best since he puts extra carrots in it! and today i made banana bread muffins!!
the best part of the evening was looking down to see sebastian laying on my feet while i was mixing the batter, with his head between my ankles. he’s the best parts of both bambi and thumper.
the worst part about tonight: i don’t remember opening the new 1/2 gal of milk, and there was a suspicious amount lacking from the top, just enough that if someone opened it and took a swig, that would be the missing amount. now i know i don’t drink from the container, and josh didn’t do it… so if i die from contaminated milk, sure the sweetbay.

happy new year!

i hope everyone had a happy and safe new year. we had a lot of fun with b&j last night and did our usual- we stayed in made a nice dinner and watched the ball drop. i kicked ass w/ b at parchese and one the game of life! reigning board game champion!! that’s me.
we have 4 months to go until EP arrives. there’s so much to do and so much to buy. now i’m starting to worry about where we’re going to really put everything. i have one crib set that i just picked out so i think we’re at least getting a start on the nursery. i’m wanting pinks and greens… something pretty but not too over the top peptobysmal pink… so a light and calming green on the walls is going to be where we start. i’m hoping by 1 march we’re completely ready so i can relax for the last 2 months. but there is so much to do, and some of it- like painting i can’t so it sucks.
i’m really starting to show. we’re at 22 weeks and now i’m really wearing maternity clothes. wow it’s weird. she’s getting super mobile and moving around a lot more. it6’s almost becoming more real. almost 😉