how do they do it?

lady scaping has become a difficulty. how do fat people shave down there? i can’t see my girlie parts, let alone navigate a razor in the neverlands. this is a challenge and i’m unsure what to do. waxing is too scary and i’m not about to let it be all natural. i likes my stuffs neat. hmmmm, this IS a situation.
in other news lenie and kyle came over and upgraded the electric. now the house if safer and we have outlets that work and no more crazy extension chords to run the stove!!! best early baby gift!!!
so i’m on week 30 and EP has been very active. i think she’s found my spleen and it’s become her favorite toy. i’m getting rotund. i like what used to be martini:30, which is now PJ:30 since i’m most comfy in sleep pants and a tshirt, or naked. at least my belly looks cute, so i don’t mind the new shape it’s taken, but i’ll be glad to wear normal clothes (that don’t piss of the little one) soon. she hates anything that lays across her “sleep zone”- yep she’s daddy’s little girl.


painting over dark dark dark blue really suxxx. i’m over it. i need to do a second coat of white before i even think about putting the light green on… i’m poophed! and i still have 2 more coats to do ( one white and then the green) AND all the edging and touch ups. then i get to sew curtains for 5- yes five windows… will i ever get this done and be ready?? maybe not.
time to go to the depot and get brushes. i think i might dye my hair tonight, i can’t take it anymore.
hmmm 10 weeks to go!

another week has flown by

the boy is feeling better- but now he’s under 98.6… so he’s always cold. poor thing.
i did some painting this weekend. got the hallway done and put up some pictures and started on started on EP’s room. did a little bit of priming on some of the walls. still need to clear out the room and get it painted. maybe that will be my project for next weekend.
mom actually came over today and saw the house and EP’s sonograms and she brought us some baby stuffs and a card for josh for his’ b’day. it was a nice visit.
now i’m waiting for the pizza to be delivered, not in the mood to cook and do dishes tonight, so we’re just going to lay low and watch a movie and rest up for tomorrow- we have a long week ahead of us.

oh, my heart, day

every day with josh is a celebration of love. who needs a holiday to remind onesself of that?? not us.
that being said:
had the sonogram for EP- the heard has 2 blips, but the MD said “really nothing to worry about since everything else is looking ok.” she’s 2 pounds 5 oz – so a little small but we’re small people. i’ve gained a whopping 18 pounds so far. we’re at 28 weeks 5 days. the placenta is stil lowlying so if things don’t move up in the next few weeks, i’ll be getting a nice scar.
josh has been ill for the past 2 days- fever at 104… so we spent valentines day eveing at the ER getting him checked out to make sure it wasn’t death or pneumonia. turns out it’s bronchitus so he’s on the sofa tonight — poor thing.
ummm- is that all? oh yeah- still dealing with the rats. hopefully this weekend the boy will be feeling better and up to getting that under control. we have a lot of work to do between now and EP’s arrival. i just hope “dr B” let’s us go to 38-39 weeks so we can get everything done. i don’t want to be scheduled too early…

yesterday, today, tomorrow

had my glucose test and failed it- so now i need to do the 4 hour big mamma jamma test for poss preggers diabetes. oh joy.
the icing on my monday cake was being kept up all night by our new upstairs neighbors. we have rats in the attic, so any thought of getting things done with my tiny refund check is so upsetting that i want to cry… i’ve heard some rustling once in a while but over the past few days they have been more active- which is not good, and bas found a dead rat in the yard, or maybe he killed it- who knows, but that’s not a good sign either way. so-o we need to get an exterminator out soon to alleviate the situation before it gets any worse.
oh and the boy is running a 104 degree fever and is so sick. i’m ready for a new day-
tomorrow i hope the sonogram goes well. i need good news.

in less than 12 weeks-

so that means less than 3 months to go. we have 11 weeks until D day. that being said, i have bought my first pair of “grannie panties” today. yes i have re-entered the wide world of briefs once again. haven’t worn those since i was a little girl. but it’s comfort over fashion. and i’m now to the point that a size large pair of jeans feels good to wear. they have room to grow in, and i haven’t said good-bye to the mediums as of yet, just want to be comfortable.
as of 2 weeks ago i had gained a whopping total of 13 pounds by the end of my 2nd trimester. however i think i’ve doubled in size over the last week. so tomorrow will be interesting at my weigh-in. we have the glucose test tomorrow and a 2nd level sono gram on wednesday. funny that they’ll be checking out her heart on valentines day. i hope i get more photos! last time was great, she was happy, smiling and waving. still has his lips and nose… at least that’s what i’m seeing. please have my eyes and feet.
the pugs are doing good. everyones favorite word is cookie. sebastian has finally learned SIT. unfortunately he’s going through a chewing phase, and has left his mark on my new sideboard in the dining room. he’s on lock down until further notice. bambi has been most comical these days. she managed to eat all of daddy’s string cheese when he left the room. that’s daddy’s little girl. she still has a barking fetish, which we’re trying to correct, especially with a little one on the way. thumper has been super sweet, he likes to lay on my tummy- maybe he’s helping to keep EP warm. he’s advanced to learning more words like OFF— and no barks, my sexy thumper is the best!!
we’re getting so many things done around the house. the office is looking pretty nice. eventually a new work station will be bought for josh, and we need to get some artwork back up on the walls. today we bought paint for the dining room/ hall way and the baby’s room. next week lenie and kyle are coming over to fix the electrical. i can’t wait. then we can work on getting the kitchen and bathroom floors finished before april. then the insulation and air ducts and flue and french doors need to be done, then the baby can come. and not a day sooner.
we need a rich uncle or win the lottery. there’s so much to do and no time to save for it!!!
well on that note i’m going to be good and sign off, i’ve caught up on the goings on…