i am so ready for the weekend. what a week. i’m drained and want to close my eyes and wake up sunday morning- refreshed- but i have a hectic weekend of sewing and painting and cleaning and getting ready ahead of me i might not even get any sleep!!!!!


yeah so i have gestational diabetes… i get to see the MD on thursday to go over using my new glucometer and learn what not to eat… i mean being pregnant if you want a cookie i think a cookie is ok…. so i’m bummed, it’s not like i’d eat a bag of cookies i couldn’t do it if i wanted to since there’s no room… oh well…
another sweet thing was my baby shower. what was to be a low keyed very small get together, turned into a frenzy of gift bags and silliness. i had a great time and there were even a few surprises (aunt maryanne, erica and aunt jane) everyone was so generous and EP got some really great gifts!
still working on getting her armoire done, have to do the drawers tonight and tomorrow and hopefully the outter parts will be done by sunday. then her room won’t look like a bomb went off.

in other news…
the treehouse affair has been dissolved.
i’m ok with that
now we can focus on farewell to thee and maybe some venus on the rocks stuff.
we have a sone (lonesome highway) that is sounding great, and my lyrics are nearly done- between me and the boy we can crank out a song in less than a week- completed and done…
well speaking of done- the dresser isn’t going to paint itself, so i need to get some work done!

human voodoo doll

yesterday i FINALLY took my diabetes test- 4 long hours of sitting in a room filled with some less than fresh people, and now i wait for the results.
today we’re hoping to get a few things done in EP’s room. finish the stripes, hang the butterflies, start on the dresser and maybe even get some stenciling done.
we have 5 1/2 weeks til first of may…
still want to get a few things done around the house before then, but i’ve been lazier than usual and taking it easy. i took thursday off since my siatic was acting up and i needed a mental health day- did nothing but sleep and lounge on the sofa.
i’m starting to panic since there is still stuff i want to do, time and money are running out so fast.
well i must get going, otherwise her room will never be done.

people can be so disappointing

so the lady that has flower calls, asking for his birthday. funny- she never returned any of my calls when she first took him. and now that she wants something she calls me acting all nice. come to find out she’s registering him but not AKC and well she’s breeding him. we still have his AKC paperwork, but she didn’t want to pay us for that. so that seems to have been her intention all along: get a prime choice dog for 50.00 dollars and make him your ca$h cow. how sickening. i’m so sad about it. i just hope she doesn’t beat him.

beware- the ides of march

poor old julius, thought they were his friends, but in the end, they were not.
makes you think who can you trust, can you trust their word to be righteous and true, as they say it is? makes you re think, can i trust this person not to stab me in the back…
poor old julius.
i’ve rearranged my girl night since band practice was canceled on tuesday. i’ll be making a brief appearance and then returning home.
there is much more to write as i have so many things to say, but time is not on my side poor julius.

mrs. sherman

that would be me. yes we got married yesterday on our 4 year anniversary. a completely no frills ceremony, where i stood barefoot and pregnant in my night gown, with a bouquet and josh by my side- he wore pj’s too. it was nice since it was simple and i was comfortable.
the past week has been beyond hectic. last sunday we bought tile and that was a fiasco! the guy who loaded it in my car broke an entire box when he shoved it into place, and when we went back the next day, guess what? oh yeah they sold out of it and i had to drive over to the st pete store – not happy about that, let me tell you.
then we went to babies r us. we had a crib on hold- last one in stock, and i wanted the matching changing table. the sales girl was like- oh it’s discontinued and the floor model is sold. again not funny since the tile incident had just happened and i was already near tears. so i welled up and she was like… just kidding. little sales girls shouldn’t fuck with pregnant women.
i then went over the bridge to get the tile, came home and was done for the day… or so i thought. this was just monday and i had an entire week of stress ahead of me that i didn’t know was waiting for me.
tuesday i looked at the grout before doug came over to start the floors and realizied they gave us the wrong color! that evening, back to the store to exchange for the correct color.
went to work wednesday, forgot to take the grout from the back of the car, had to go to the house for lunch for doug to have grout… ummm yeah, i still had a few days left to get through this god aweful week. later that day, doug called. my bathroom plumbing was so bad that her had to replace a few things to rehook the toilet. oh yeah and the wall apparently had dry rotted and we need to install new sheet rock and redo the bathroom wall… i didn’t know how bad it was till later that night when i was able to see the hole and realize it was completely exposed to the outside … and i wondered how the rats were getting into the walls… hmmmm nice… had a break from all the mayhem and went and got coffee with lenie. i needed a girl night.
thursday i woke up and my back and entire body was hurting so bad i wanted to throw up. stress doesn’t help i’m sure but i was so umcomfortable i nearly stayed home from work. doug had the bathroom and kitchen all finished that evening and i will say they look great. he really gave us such a great deal, i almost feel bad.
friday night we got everything put back into place and saturday we had our “ceremony,” i’m now a mrs.

today began a new week. mom and kt came over and it was operation crib mattress. they came in and did it all, thankfully i sat by watching them go. got some more goodies for EP and i will say, it’s weird having a baby. i mean i’m having a little girl! there’s so many things flooding into the house and it’s all so small and pink. ok so i’m equally excited and weirded out. but i really can’t wait to meet her. and her room is really starting to look good. it’s a little girlie garden room. i think she might get spoiled from everyone who has been helpin g us get ready for her. there’s so much stuff!! only 7 weeks to go!!!
ok i ramble and must go in search of dinner.
but now you are caught up.