still waiting

and here we are.
almost into may and EP is still baking. nearly everything is ready, we’re just waiting for the chair/glider to arrive and then her room will be officially complete. well you know what i mean. i’m trying to be super good and not shop for useless stuff just to clutter it up. it looks so serene in there. even daddy goes in and just kinda looks around with the big eyes, and we’re just like… wow this is ummm- real. yeah. wow

false alarm

so i thought my water broke yesterday. either that or i was peeing like a race horse. i wasn’t sure but i was having contractions every 15 minutes or so for an hour. so i called dr b’s office and they said go to the hospital, just to be safe.
it was a false alarm. and those are no fun. the mean nurse who man handled my delicate vagina was seriously rougher than a pimp. a few hours later and i was getting some mcd’s and back over the bridge we went. i took a major nap and well, here we are!!
still waiting!

2 weeks or so

good news: well i am ripe and ready. 1cm dialated and dr b said i can go at any time. EP weighs in at 5 lbs and is a little girl- but we are little people ; ) and i would rather push 5lbs than 12 any day.
bad news: i have been relatively healthy all throughout the pregnancy and NOW i’m sick as a dog. congested and coughing and sneezing and full of yellowish yuck!
i was hoping to work a little more this week to make a little extra cash for bills before EP gets here. my bank account is dry like the sahara… but what can you do.


ok so i’m experiencing lower back pain/ spasms on an hourly basis. i wonder just how long this will last until i start having “real” contractions and the serious pain begins. we’re getting close and closer to the due date. i might go early, and the boy thinks it will be sometime this week.
did i mention i took today off as well? i needed to since i got no sleep and can’t sit for long periods of time without getting cranky.
well, EP’s room is nearly done, one curtain to go and i ordered the baskets for her changing table and storage unit. it’s looking so pretty in there. now we just need the rocker and the swing and we’ll be set!

4 week countdown

well we’re in the final 4 weeks, the home stretch. saw dr B today and i’m 70-80% effaced, cervix has not started to dialate yet, but she sems to suspect that we may have EP a bit sooner than 1 may. we shall see. it’s really up to the little princess to decide when she’s ready to meet the world.

not sure if I wrote that the treehouse affair has been decidedly a done deal. which really is no surprise. with a guitarist who can’t seem to drive over the bridge on the days that he wasn’t sick, and a drummer who was sick the other 50% of the time since he openly admitted he’s a habitual drug user and was trying to kick the habit- yeah right- ummm well at least i had a MD note for not being available at practice the 10 times everyone was available over the past 6 months. really is a shame that finding dedicated and talented people to collaborate with is such an uphill struggle.
the good news is: the boy and i are working more on the electonica FWTT and acoustic VOTR stuff together, and since we won’t have to rely upon others to do their part maybe something will actually come to fruition, like a song that is done and can be played, listened to, shopped, whatever. at least some sense of accomplishment to be had. it’s sad to see such talent go to waste- him more than me!!
he’s really talented!