this i promise-

ok it’s a pie crust promise- easily made, easily broken, but i’m hoping to lay down some vocals for a new song that we have been working on. my attack on the vocals is a little different with this song, i’m slowly pushing out of the box, it’s scary… but i think it will be good for me to leave the comfort zone, just a little bit.
EP has been good, she is settling into sleeping through most nights for at least 5 hours. i myself have been looking rather drained and tired lately. like the crazy bus driver on southpark… did she have birds in her hair? anyways, i really should see matt soon, i need a trim, or maybe i’ll cut off my locks again. i’m always in a constant state of turmoil with my hair. long or short, dark or blonde… at least it grows back!!
tonight is ladies night. bridge and i are getting out again. i know- 2 weeks in a row? watch out tampa, we’ll be out there, looking for you!! i wonder where we’ll end up tonight.

is this my child?

the past 2 nights ep has slept through the night- so i have gotten a full 6 hours of un-interrupted sleep. unbelievable!!
it’s the freakin weekend so we’re gonna chill on the sofa and read a book, watch a movie and be lazy.


we managed not to get into any trouble last night. it was nice to eat dinner without rushing to feed the baby, or eat WHILE feeding the baby 😉 we decided on a longisland iced tea for my appetizer and then had dinner at carabas. then the “party” moved to side burns for dessert. needless to say i am still stuffed and coming down from my sugar high- 12 hours later.
hmm- baby’s awake so time to ‘go to work!!’

oh yes it’s ladies night!!

tonight bridge and i are heading out… no babies allowed!! it’s a girls night and we’ll be having appetizers and cocktails; now we must figure out where we are going.
yesterday ep and i went to visit aunt ceci and lil jimmy. it’s a small production getting out of the house and i need a bit of motivation to get out of the pj’s and pack down, but it was worth it. ep and i are turning into little social butterflies. our calendar for july is filling fast. we have haley’s and jimmy’s birthday’s not to mention aunt kt’s and mine, and my dad is coming into town, oh and 4 july- but i think we’ll skip; that since it’s way too loud for her little ears… either way we have a lot going on.

what a weekend

ep and i were busy making our rounds this weekend. on saturday we saw nana and nana nana. ep was really happy when she saw nana nana. she was all smiles and “talking up a storm.” then we went to mom’s- nana’s- and spent more qt there.
sunday was father’s day. daddy got new sleep pants and a card from ep. she really loves her daddy.
right now i am working on more lyrics and am at a stand still… road block; and am getting frustrated with myself.
it looks like rain tonight, getting gray outside.
hmmm oh and i am so over my new upstairs neighbors. with all the rain we have been having, we’ve become landlords to what i think is an opossum in the attic… and he has a toy that he play with— sounds like rocks- and likes to play ALL night long. daddy is going up this weekend to deal with our little pest or else i’m gonna buy a bee-bee gun and blast the little vermin.
i have a headache, ok- back to work!!

6 weeks ago

we were coming home from the hospital with baby on board. it’s weird how time flies and yet it seems like yesterday. my little sugar cookie is getting big- she’s getting chubby cheeks and is smiling more now.
(of course never when the camera is on her; that’s when she puts on her serious look.)

fwtt has been doing a bit more recording. i feel like we are really starting to get somewhere with everything. been working on lyrics for some new stuff and the boy has been remixing some old stuff.
well i’m gonna attempt to take a nap before ep wakes up, i’ve been up all morning and starting to feel lethargic.

my partner in crime

well EP is back to normal. she has been super good today- so far.
i had a ton of errands to do – things that i had been putting of since i didn’t want to venture out with baby on board. however EP was a perfect shopping companion. she stayed asleep in her sling the whole time at the mall and babies-r-us. and slept during mr toads wild ride. let’s just say that i went to about or six different stops in a mere 2 hours. yep 2 hours is the number since she gets hungry every 2-2.5 hours.
it’s nap time now, but she wants to be with me since she’s been in her sling all afternoon. gotta say- that was the best self gift i could have bought.

in and out like a ninja

so i gave my resignation letter, or rather delivered them to the desks to all upper management and h/r. and wouldn’t you know it, my first day not back and EP is cranking and refuses to take a nap, or play in her bouncy or swing. all she wants it for mommy to stay as close as possible and to give up the boobies every hour or so. i’m so hungry right now, but i haven’t been able to cook lunch!!
right now she’s on my lap, and teetering off to dream land. i know as soon as i put her down in her crib, the tears are gonna start.
ok well we’re gonna try it anyways, maybe she’s finally poophed out… wish me luck!


so tomorrow morning i will be handing in my letter of resignation at work. since i now have the opportunity to stay home and begin the long and exciting journey of raising our only daughter, it’s it time to say goodbye to the m-f 40 hour work week. trust me if i only had to work m-f for 40 hours it would be much easier than raising a little-one, however this new position as housewife and mommy will be far more rewarding. daddy is the best since it was his ultimate decision to allow me to remain home with EP. I figure at about 3-4 months, maybe august this year i’ll look for something that i can work from home; by then rumor has it that aunti lenie might be able to bring me on board with her project. that would be awesome. i think working with her and edy would be fun, and like a family thing, so that is my hopeful (fingers crossed) plan.
right now most of my days are spent with EP feeding and changing and burping and playing for about 2 hours, then we nap for 1-2 hours and then we’re up again. she’s so amazing. now she’s starting to hold her head up, look around and smile. she’s almost 9 pounds and is 5 1/2 weeks old. she really is a pretty little girl.
today nana stopped by for a visit. it’s good that she makes the trek over the bridge to see us. maybe in a few weeks we’ll pack up and go over to see “nana nana” but right now we’re laying low and staying close to home.
on that note, i heard that it’s almost food time, so duty calls 😉