my little man

thumper looks like either sebastian has challenged him for the alpha spot, or he got hurt outside. thumper doesn’t play too rough with sebastian since he’s the daddy… and sebastian has been trying him as of late. i’m hoping he’s ok… he’s my little man…
july is nearly over. we ahve had a busy month with EP’s friends birthday parties, my b’day and my dad visiting. i think august will be a little more calm and quiet. or i should say i hope

3 months old

EP is now 3 months old. it’s crazy that this time last year i was getting pregnant… and now we have such a pretty little girl as the result. never thought i’d be sitting here typing about having a little one. she’s starting to realize that every thing she does is a possible photo opp. i’m sure it will eventually get old for her.
i have a bit of a headache right now and my left eye is still bugging me, darned eyelash… tonight i’m heading to b’s for dinner and a movie- or MILF date night.
the boy has been doing some noise project… musical experimentations… pretty interesting. he has a show next week, so i might head out for that.
looks like we’re staying put and not moving anytime soon. market isn’t really good to sell and financing is tricky for us… i do love this old house, especially now that we’ve organized and gotten rid of more stuff. funny but it seems to multiply.

skillet queso

so i made skillet queso last night… and josh made mojitos!! no more nursing the little one ;-( but she’s doing just fine on her formula and i know it’s healthy for her.
we got the blue room and front bath room organized; and by we i mean the boy. it looks bigger with everything put away- duh…
we find out tomorrow- hopefully— regarding the home loan. either way, we stay put and refi, or get into something bigger and farther north county. i like this old house, but we need more room.

birthday bang

nothing like birthday BOOM BOOM to start my birthday off right!! i can’t believe i’m 25!!

almost here-

lately i’ve been super gloomy, all hormonal and that’s no good for anyone…
it’s weird but i feel like my body is working against me right now and the impending birthday isn’t helping. since having EP i feel like i look different. i don’t want to go shopping for “mom pants” at the store, i’m just not ready to be old. in short, i’m not feeling uber attractive these days. i’m sure my vagina is broken, as i’m STILL sore from the delivery… and yet all i want to do is have sex… and that’s just not happening.
EP has been weened almost completely off the boobies. i’m kinda sad about it since i wasn’t physically able to keep up with the demand. i know logically that it’s out of my hands and i accept it, but i’m still conflicted.
again not making for the happiest of homes right now.
i’m super stressed as to whether or not we’re going to be able to get a new loan or qualify for a refi… that’s all still up in the air. i know josh is doing his best, and he has a lot to deal with, with me being super needy and cranky and hormonal- isn’t making his life any peachier.
i’m trying to redirect my focus right now, so i’ll be cleaning the house today… i’m happy being able to stay home with EP and i love every minute with her. and i know how fortunate i am to even have the opportunity to be home with her, i’m just unhappy with myself and need to get over it- soon!!

busy little bee’s

we had our first non-family social event to attend yesterday. it was EP’s friend haley’s 1st year b’day party. we had a lot of fun although it was a super long day, and EP fell asleep half way through all the festivities. the rest of the month is going to tire her out!!
ceci and i are scheduled to go out tonight to the castle. it’s 80’s night and we haven’t had a night out together in quite some time (her little jimmy turns one end of the month- another thing on EP’s social planner.)
well after a good night’s sleep, we are ready to start our day!! so have a nice one everyone.

dinner is served

nothing is hotter than a man who can cook, well actually if he cleans the kitchen afterewards that’s sexier… last night the boy made the house speciality: josh’s ‘made with love’ chicken marsala. romance is not dead with a 2 month old baby 😉
lunch will be great since there were leftovers.

2 month check-up

ep weighs 11 lbs and is 22 1/2 inches long. we’re small people, and she’s a little girl 😉
daddy went with us to the dr’s office today. he had to hold her hand for the 5 shots; i got teary eyed because it made her cry… my poor little baby, the mean nurse gave her the shots!!
the neighbors are always yelling at their little kids and each other… and of course it’s all day everyday that there is some sort of loud production with screaming and arguing and bitching- to the point that i may need to call the cops just to get rid of them. i’ glad i have a good husband and relationship.
speaking of… i was re-deflowered this past weekend… sex after the baby was like the first time all over again with a stranger… me not him, my neverlands seemed a little different to me and things felt different, not better or worse, just different. maybe i need a few more times to get back into the swing of things ;0 the poor boy, i’m afraid i may break him!!
in other news: today i finished 2 pairs of sleep pants. it felt good to get a little sewing done.
oh and i do not recommend the raspberry mocha frappachino at starbucks… it’s lacking something. but i’m not sure what.

35 is around the corner

or rather 2 weeks away.
thinking about were i could have ended up and where i am now, i think i got lucky when i was lost in oblivion.
i have a wonderful husband, that’s a weird word to use but i like it, and an adorable child, which was the best non-planned event of our lives, and our 3 crazy pugs.
going on 35 makes me happy that everything that has happened from here to there has led me right to this spot… which is where i should be, with what i should have and those around me to share it with.