4 months old

so EP had her Dr visit yesterday. she’s 13 lbs 3 0z and is 24 1/2 inches long… hard to believe we have a four month old…


so EP had her first taste of baby food today… she had yellow squash. she’s growing up so fast!! on the adult menu for dinner is momma’s home-made spaghetti sauce and meaty balls- yum!! (i’m momma- my sauce rocks!!)

one of these days

i might learn enough to change my website around… i think it’s time for something new, exxxctiting and different. once i can get some spare time without the little one and daddy can learn me some stuff about HTML, i think that’s what it is… gosh… i’m like the flintstones in the stone ages… this techmology is confusing.

what do you mean today’s not thursday?

today is wednesday… ok so i’m a little ahead of my time so to speak. somewhere along the way i managed to think that today was thursday. last night i went to bed with the clear understanding that he following day would be thursday… so i woke up, thinking; “oh no i didn’t drag the trash can sown to the curb last night” see thursday is garbage day. so i flew out of bed and took ot the trash and dragged the can curbside… daddy took care of EP this morning while i was cleaning up a present one of my pugs left me in the kitchen, and so my day began. i got a call from the boy just as he had left the house, a kind reminder of what day today is not.. so he will be in charge of teaching EP the days of the week. i clearly do not have a handle on it!! 😉

play ball!!

this afternoon, once EP went down for her nap, i took the pugs outside to play ball. sebastian is gaining on thumper and i think soon he will e able to outrun him. after about 20 minutes of play time they were ready to go inside for a nap as well.


i got flowers “just because” and a bottle of wine that i finished myself… but the real ? is am i too drunk to phuck?

what good are plans?

i HATE making plans with people who tend to never come through. i get a limited time away from the house, so making plans is an essential part of ensuring i get an evening out away from my household duties and responsibilities… if it wasn’t something that was a common occurance with certain people i would be more than understanding… however this is not the case. why bother making plans when you know, and i know “something” is gonna come up. the worse part is the boy could have gone out tonight, but gave me the opportunity to have a friday night, that won’t happen again any time soon… hmmm
i know life and caca happens, but seriously… ALL the time??