so i got up extra early to hit some garage sales with bridge. we had a lot of fun, but there wasn’t much happening in the buying department. i spent 5$ and got 2 super adorable outfits and a pj set for 18 month. then i got home and daddy took EP to see dr paul and do a little bit of shopping. i had the house to myself. sure i wanted to take a nice hot bath and a nap, or eat pringles and play video games, but instead i cleaned the house and got some laundry done. so far i must say today has been a pretty productive day!!

it’s too early

so EP has been sleeping like a princess through the night for the past 3 months, but now she’s foregoing her 2 naps a day for a 45 minute cat nap. it’s like she’s afraid she may miss something. that being said, the end result is a wakeup call at 6:30 for me to begin our day!! i miss nap time.
in other news (a quick catch up) i applied for a work at home position, and should hear back by friday in regards to scheduling and signing in, provided they don’t have any further computer glitches.
we hit the mall on sunday and people just gravitate to EP. it’s the strangest thing. i just am careful not to let anyone touch her, we don’t need dirty hands and germs— no sickness yet!!
it’s hard to believe that she’s 5 months old already. time is flying by.
well, i’m gonna try and go back to bed til daddy gets up.

someone’s sleeping

being married with a child… well precious alone time with daddy turns into… she’s sleeping “game on”
anyways- today ceci and i got together and hung out. jimmy is so good with EP and she tried to hold his hand. we got a stroller so i think we’ll be heading to the aquarium soon!!

family day at the mall

so we had a nice lunch at mitchell’s and wandered through some kid stores afterwards. EP was great as always. i think we have our outfit picked out for thanksgiving dinner… no she’s not going to dress up like a pilgrim!! oh and we also got some books for story and picture time in the afternoons.
tonight we’re having black beans and rice with chorizo. right now it’s sprinkling outside- perfect for a little nap.

yesterday was a BIG day

EP rolled over all by herself!! now she got so upset that she was unable to roll back over but it’s a start. i can’t believe she’s 20 weeks old, (4 1/2 months) and she’s getting prettier and funnier every day!!
i’m still waiting for my work at home thing to start… they are doing employee conversion, and i’m STILL waiting for h/r to assign me a 4 digit code so i can log in and get my application revised for hiring.
tomorrow we’re going to head out for a little lunch. we haven’t gone out to eat in a looong time!!


nana and pop pop made a surprise visit this morning. we are now re-stocked with diapers, wipes, laundry detergent and some snacks!! EP was a bit fussy, but it was close to her nap time, and she cranks out if she doesn’t get a nap!!

sweet potato

our second veggie was sweet potatoes… she’s such a good eater, but then again she hasn’t figured out how to blow raspberries!!
last night was MILF night out. b and i went out for our “romantic dinner” and got to have our weekly chat. I’m hoping next week ceci and i can get out of the house and catch up. ll has been MIA or too busy to make time for me. i’m sorta hurt and offended since getting together never seems to be a priority- no wrong word, it’s just seems like she’s not interested in hanging out i suppose. so i’m just gonna step to the side in my crab like fashion and see what happens.
i’m hoping to eventually get together with the girls in my family. EP is growing so fast… funny how being separated by a small body of water, over a bridge can make it difficult to coordinate time together.
with a long weekend ahead of us, today’s rainy weather made for good cuddles with EP and her daddy. she also got some QT with the puppies.
speaking of QT- she is sleeping and daddy bought jiffy pop, so we’re gonna head to the sofa and watch a moo-vie now.