we survived christmas

christmas was nice. EP had an eventful morning and we had a little bit of play time before we went to the family dinner. dinner was good and it was nice to see everyone, but what a long day. EP was so tired!! i made 2 sides and 2 pies, everyone loves my chocolate cheese cake pie.
everyone was so generous and EP got some really nice stuff. she has toys and books and clothes… we’re so fortunate that everyone thought of her this year!!
today daddy and i are resting and gearing up for NYE. mr paul is coming over and we’ll do the usual surf n turf dinner and drink champagne and watch the ball drop.
i’ll be getting christmas photos and thank you cards done in the next 2-3 weeks. we have a lot of people to thank!!
i’m ready for another nap.

christmas eve

ok i am seriously slacking. lately time is flying by me and i am having a hard time keeping up. i’ve really lost all sense of time, really.

so we had michael over in friday night and he helped pick out our tree. then we decorated it and made home made pizza for dinner. saturday the rest of my shopping got done for the kids gifts. somehow i thought christmas was the following week, not this week, so i need to remember to look at my day planner and realize what the date is, not just what day i’m on!!
ok well yesterday i had a festivus miracle. a ghost from christmas past and i went out for coffee. it was so nice to catch up… and i feel so removed from the world lately, so it was nice to get out of the house.
today i will be baking and starting the prep on my side dishes for the family dinner at kt’s tomorrow. christmas is going to be very low keyed for us. nothing excessive. really simple and quiet.
so have a happy christmas and don’t drink too much egg-nog!!

what day is it?

ok seriously, somehow i have missed posting for a couple of days. i’ve been super busy, and still nothing has gotten done. EP has been really active this week and has been taking up most of my daylight hours. but i am in no way complaining, it’s just something we need to adjust my daily routine to. ok so here is the catchup post:

saturday night- we dropped EP at nana’s and headed out to the saltrock grill for dinner. had an amazing dinner date, i even had oysters for the first time, got to dress up and wear real clothes- hair, makeup and heels!! after a long and relaxing dinner we headed home. there was some ooh-lala and then josh wanted to be “really crazy” and go to a few wally worlds to see if there were any Wii’s hiding… there were none!!
oh and it didn’t rain that night until after we were leaving the second store.

sunday- picked EP up from nana’s. everyone was over and they took a group pic of the kids. i really wish it could have planned better so we could have had the kids dressed up for it, but oh well… then nana took us shopping for our christmas gift. she gave the gift of cleanliness— yes that translates into a bathroom sink. so soon we will be living it up with a functioning sink in our bathroom— woohoo!!

on monday evening we went to the aquarium with josh’s drummer’s family. it was a nice night out, but by 8pm EP was ready for the weekend to be over.
tuesday, i stayed home and doug came over to work on the sink installation. it’s not completed as of yet, but he said he would be back before friday.
wednesday- EP and i did some running around for sink supplies and baby formula. yesterday she took a nice 2 1/2 hour nap.

so that brings us to today, right? well doug is supposed to swing by this afternoon and finish the sink. i need to straighten up a little bit. we have been so lazy on the weekends, so tomorrow we are heading out to find a tree to decorate. i know, we’re a little behind but it will be done by christmas.

we’re not doing gifts this year, sorta like our thing to do. we only buy for the kids. i have the boys done and still need to get the girls something. i’ll be shopping on monday since that is when i get my check for working. i’ve been trying to work more hours, but it’s hard.

ok so that is the catch up so far. now i need to get some breakfast or lunch or something and start cleaning the house and stuff. oh and hopefully we can figure out why the time stamp is off when i post… it’s really 11:15am.

fastest shopper in the east

ok so i left the house at 9:55am, went to the mall. went to 3 stores and arrived home at 11:05am- UNBELIEVABLE. did i mention i tried on like 3 skirts during this power shopping trip?? oh and i did this on an empty stomach and no coffee?? oh and did i mention that i worked early this morning BEFORE i went out shopping??
i have a hot dinner date tonight so i’m a little excited. (don’t tell my husband!!) i had to run out and find something to wear… i’m not a size 4 anymore, so my closet has become obsolete. i’m more like an 8, which isn’t too bad, but i can’t cram my fat A$$ into any of my tiny clothes. i just hope it doesn’t rain tonight, however there are clouds in the sky.

i’ve been good, really

ok well i have been trying to get more eraly morning shifts, but they have been unavailable… but i have been pretty good thus far…
speaking of good, chef ramsay had his season finale tonight. i will miss his foul mouth. what are we to do on wednesday nights now?? i am at a loss.
tonight i made NOLA stiled roast beef po-boys… OMG my gravy was so good, finger licken’ good.
now for the bad… what happened to robert mondavi and his vineyard. there has been a steady decline in the quality of his product. tonight was the absolute worst- EVER. do not purchase the 2006 “vintners blend” merlot. it is rot gut crap!!


well i was pretty good and woke up at 5:40 this morning. i worked an hour, so i think i’ve made a pretty good start for the week. i was flying solo, and now i want a nap but EP is just waking up!!

let the day begin

tomorrow josh and i are “attempting” to get up super early. if we do, i will try and get some extra hours for the week, and he will go into work early. now we all know we are NOT morning people, but if we actually do this, it will be almost monumental!
that being said i really need to find more hours to work. i’m not sure how the water bottles are going to find their way from under the josh’s side of the bed every day, or how the dishes will be clean… maybe edgar the house troll will need to help out.
ok so back to this early bird crap- i will make an effort to wake up early in the morning. maybe if i do it tomorrow, i’ll do it for the whole week??
hmmm- time for some ameretto on the rocks. that will decide my fate tomorrow morning 😉


although every day is like the weekend for me, well sorta, i love friday because that means daddy will be home for the next 2 days. EP loves daddy time, and i get a little break from being on deck.
daytime formula still makes me sleepy, but not a total zombie. so that’s good.
i;m so over my neighbors. i don;t understand why they must always have their conversations loud enough for me to hear them. can’t they talk at a normal decibal? it’s so ridiculous. really!
this weekend i think i might work on a quilt.
hopefully the weather will stay clear, so we can play fetch with the pugs!

note to self,

ok when you are sick , and not in your right (or left) mind, don’t go out for medication at the local drug store. today i purchased some tylenol multi-symptom cold medication. origionaly i picked up the generic, but put it back for the real deal. what i didn’t read was the entire label. at the very bottom it says (in moderately small print) nighttime…. ummm so i’ve been a total zombie and couldn’t figure out why. gee maybe it was because of the super drowsy formula i’ve been pumping into my system? i can barely keep my eyes open, and have been this way for the better part of the day.
i have gotten rid of most of my shift tonight. hopefully someone will take the last 30 minutes so i can go to sleep. tomorrow, i will be purchasing the daytime formula as soon as i wake up.

one week later

good news bad news.
ok bad news first, tonight is a repeat of kitchen nightmares so i will be working. i have a stupid cold, and need to find a way to stop my nose from constantly running.
the good news is i won’t be waking up with a hangover tomorrow morning.

so, i’ve had a lot to do this past week. the house is clean, my bathroom wall has been repaired thanks to my neighbor doug, i reorganized some of the kitchen cabinets and i’ve started decorating for christmas.
there is still so much more that needs to be done. however this cold has been slowing me down. i was fine until josh made the comment i was sick, before that i was happy denying the fact.
i need to get started on my christmas cards this weekend and mail them out. i still need to get a gift for all the kids… things are super tight. we’re not doing ifts for each other and have a few small things for EP. oh and we never got around to getting our tree last week, so mabe this weekend!!
on that note, i must start my day and make some tea and feed EP.