9 months later

today we had our 9 month check up. dr R said EP is doing great, and that she’s “lookin good, keep up the good work!!” she now weighs 18 lbs 8 oz and is 28 inches long. so we are happy to say that she’s growing up very goos thus far!!
now she’s trying to pull herself up into a standing position. trying new sounds, and scheming up plans as best as i can tell. she’s so inquisitive and smart. still everywhere we go people comment how beautiful or happy she is.
the teeth still have not made their grand entrance, but we know they’re there. in due time.
in other news, uncle paul has begun work on daddy’s arm for the EP inspired piece of work. it’s really pretty and the technique is really soft and yet vibrant. this weekend more work is to be done in it as it is still a work in progress.

well speaking of work in progress, it’s snack time. we’re trying some finger foods with EP so she can begin to learn to feed herself!!
looks like no more baby veal, she’s outta the box!!

she crawls

so last night EP made her first real crawl. after doing 2 little moves forward, it was over. i mean OVER. then she hauled across the floor, eying a dog toy and it was on. now she’s moving like crazy. it’s so neat to watch her grow up.

fried chicken or bust

ok so neither josh noe i can not fry up drumsticks to save our lives. they either burn (josh’s) or are underdone (mine) so tonight;s dinner wasn’t the best. the coleslaw was the best though, but i always what is the cole in coleslaw or who is cole??
oh and i have gotten half of the kitchen curtains completed today, and the bathroom curtain is up and the boy fixed the flapper on the toilet… so we had a very productive weekend!!


so the bathroom is nearly done. daddy worked on the toilet today and i put up a new curtain. all that is left is to paint the walls, reseal the tub, repair the tile and buy a new shower curtain… i think we may need to wait in the tub and tile portion of “this old house- bungalow renovations edition” for now.

everybody’s workin’ for the weekend

well, i’ve been pretty good this week and have logged some hours at work. it’s been a little difficult since shifts are so hard to come by these days. looks like everyone is trying to be good now that the holidays are over, including me.
EP is on the verge of crawling. any moment now i know i’m going to witness her making her way across the room.
animal control came out and officer buddy advised me to call if i see another instance. i’m hoping that doesn’t happen. but at least now they are aware of the possible danger this little puppy is in, so i feel better.
oh and today josh has a date with paul. they’re going to see marilynmanson in whorelando. i didn’t want to inconvenience my mom for another night of babysitting so soon, so i’ll be staying home this evening. i’m going to try and work a few hours tonight, i need to be good.
well, time to feed the baby and get this day started. it’s gonna be a long one.

my “lovely” neighbors

well i saw the shack man hit their pit bull puppy last night. i’ve heard them hitting it, and the pup yelping, but by law i needed to witness it in order to call in animal abuse. so at about 11pm last night i saw what i needed. now, sometime today an investigator will come by and check on them and the puppy. and it looks like one of the renters in the illegal rooming house has a large pit, but i haven’t seen anything happen with that dog.
when will this neighbor situation get any better? i hope soon.

this past weekend

i was able to get out and see josh’s band play. it was good to see him doing his thing… even though i wasn’t on stage next to him. i was so proud. paul and matthew came out to support local music, so that was a plus!!
so where was EP you may ask… she was at nana’s spending the night.
then on saturday we had phambly psaghetti dinner and paul brought a very nice chianti.
then on sunday, i woke up to give EP her bottle and there she was sitting up in her crib all by herself. that;s the first step to crawling. so now all this week she’s been teasing us… i think by the end of the month she will be moving all over the place.
on monday she had big people pears for the first time and some carrots to teethe on. i can’t believe she’s going to be 9 months at the end of he month…
it’s so weird.
but it’s a good weird.

happiness is

when where ever we go everyone comments on how happy my baby is. EP is such a little ray of sunshine. i truly believe it is because i am fortunate enough to have a husband that allows me to be a SAHM.

ooohhh i’s be a seein’ li’l bumps on ‘er gums; me thinks she’ll be gettin ‘er teefs in soon.

EP alert!!

i forgot to tell everyone. so here is the update on the life of being EP. her favorite thing to do is sing. she sings in the car and when she’s in bed alone. it’s the sweetest thing. she loves “indian baby” and starfish face and when she gets really sleepy, she puts HER thumb in MY mouth. it’s the funniest thing.
ok we all know MOMMA was her first word way back then, right? well on wednesday, the week before christmas she found a new word, DADDA… which she says all the time and only says momma when she cries and needs momma loves. and this week she’s waving hello every time she see us enter the room. it;s the cutest thing to be greeted with a big smile and a happily waving baby in the morning, even if it is 6am… she’s still not crawling yet, but she mobile and vocal, loves to play with the puppies and has the most infectious laugh!!

first week of the new year

i’m already behind!! i have a lot of things i would like to accomplish, finish and stay on top of. this week i’m already a little behind. out internet has been screwy- so i haven’t worked at all… but there is a bright and shiny lining to that little cloud, we’re getting FIOS this week.
as far as other things i want to do: like finally finish a quilt (i have like 3 tops done and that’s as far as i’ve gotten) write more music, paint, keep up on my other website (which needs some TLC today) work on EP’s books, oh and make enough $$ to go to disney world for EP’s birthday and then buy new living room furniture. of course the list goes on… i don’t like making new years resolutions. they’re pointless. instead i make a list of what needs to be done, and i’m sticking to it. i have the whole year ahead of me!!
i did start the new year off right: a great meal with the ones i love, a few kisses, some champagne, pink toes and new bangs.
now i need to make my game plan and stick to it. 😉
easier said than done, right??