bakers dozen

for as fast as the weekend flew, my week has been as slow as molasses. speaking of, today i baked banana muffins and cookies and made pizza for dinner. i spent nearly every waking moment in the kitchen today right by the stove. EP has been introduced to spaghetti and meat sauce, home made, and really likes it. she’s also had chicken and rice. plus peaches and grapes too… she’s such a good eater, so far!!
well tonight nana is watching le monster so i can see daddy play. i should be a fun night!!

where did the weekend go

what do you mean it’s tuesday? wow time is just flying by. maybe i should give up blinking so i won’t miss a thing.
dinner saturday night was really nice. we had a filet appetizer and some oysters for starters, then lobster for dinner and more oysters for dessert. then even MORE dessert when we got home 😉 hee hee hee.

sunday we went to the flea market with uncle paul. i got to mine for gems which was pretty fun. EP stayed up all day and refused to take a nap. she was super good the whole time and let me tell you, it was a long long day.
monday she took a super nap, trying to catch up i suppose. she’s been singing to herself when i leave her in the hex which is too cute. now standing up and holding onto something is her new trick. soon she’ll be trying to walk!!
today we heading over to kt’s for a playdate with lauren. it looks like rain, but i hope we stay nice and dry.

he’s gettin old

today is the boy’s birthday. he’s getting so old 😉 he’s been battling the same nasty cold EP and i just got over. tonight EP is going the STN at nana’s and we are heading out for dinner. the place? saltrock grill where we will dine on food from the sea, ocean or bay… daddy’s getting an oyster tower and i’m still undecided as to what will be swimming in my belly this evening.
this has been an eventful week so far. we visited miss courtney and her little girl, saw bridge and managed to forgo many naps.
this week will be more of the same… starting today!!


yesterday at 4:30 ep pulled herself up to standing position!! maybe she’ll be walking by her birthday.
today we are going over to visit miss courney and iley. as for right now, it’s breakfast time.

getting it together

well i’ve found a new shower curtain for the bathroom and have hung one of my finished curtains on my french doors in the kitchen.
EP has been getting into everything in my crafting dresser and stuff, so i should take the hint and get more stuff done. i wonder what she will “persuade” me to do next!!


EP has been exploring today. she managed to get one of my crafting drawers open and pulled out some spools of ribbon and material. of course there wasn’t anything small she could have hurt herself on… i’m not a bad mommy!! geez… anyways, she managed to get everything out and had to look at each item and give it a thorough check up…
which reminds me, we have a lot of little projects that i need to tie up… too many loose ends. i need to make those sleep pants for us with the new fleur di lis fabric… and also finish the last curtain for the french doors now that i bought the rods to hang them. AND work on her scrap book now that i have some updated photos! i think this week will be a crafty one 😉
speaking of… i need to get some updates on my other site. i have so much to add to it.

oh and today we had a lovely visit with aunt jasmine.
now it’s time to get le monster’s dinner started. we’re having some home made mashed taytoes and carrots and some mystery meat… YUM.

the weekends fly by

too fast. we had a nice visit with mom, aunt sally and aunt jane… EP looked extra cute in her pink gingham capri outfit.
we are both starting to feel a little bit better, but now daddy may be fighting of the illness.

we have a good week ahead of us. got places to go and people to see, starting with today. i think we may be heading out for a nice stroll with aunt jasmine… the weather is perfect.


SO I HAD 3 DAYS OF VALENTINES GIFTS. we usually never celebrate holidays, but this year josh out did himself. i got flowers, a baby rose plant and a teddy bear and nice chocolates. then he cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen… i have been spoiled!!

why do we have them?

sinuses… every time i blow my nose, it magically fills right back up before i can throw my tissue away… i have a stupid sinus infection!! so i’m stuffy and runny all at the same time. EP is also still coughing a little and her nose is also running… my little germ maker.
in other news i received flowers on tuesday from daddy… and then another rose plant arrived yesterday from daddy… tonight we are staying in and having a quiet night… i will say i was really surprised about the flowers… it was a very nice surprise!!
well- i need to feed le monster and try and motivate to straighten up the house… i haven;t been able to clean since EP and i have gotten sick… so next week should be beyond fun… i’ll have my work cut out for me.

i’m slowly getting over it

i’m so tired of always making the phone calls. i’ve gotten to the point that if my phone is not ringing, then it’s you not calling.
maybe i’m just in a mood or something. a little deprived of people that ever want to make plans. i feel like i’ve been forcing myself onto my friends. i end up sounding like a broken record. when i try and make plans with someone, they either have flaked out, or can’t make definite plans or have too much going on in their lives. i understand that everyone is busy and has their own exciting lives to be living, but i have cabin fever. josh keeps telling me to get out of the house, but heading out alone doesn’t seem to fulfill my need for adult conversation. i’ve gotten to the point that i’m just not going to call anymore. i wonder if anyone would even notice, or if they would secretly be relieved as to not have to make broken plans…

now i’m not talking about everyone, but there are a few… and some have called to make plans lately, but the ones who haven’t are the ones i’m upset about.
oh well… at least wednesday should be fun!!