getting it done

this weekend we have things to do, places to go and people to see.
we visited daddy at work on thursday. everyone was happy to see EP. daddy especially. she was so happy to see daddy too!
i dropped paul at the airport yesterday. he’ll be back wednesday.
josh’s band has officially ended, so now he’s working more on noise and a side project with paul. i might try my ear at making some noise myself. i already have my identity: SW33T T4RT— my noise is like candy to your ears. i’ve had the name for over a week now.
i am still obsessed with pata pon. what a great little game.
well i’m attemoting to get a little work done on EP’s book this next week. i would like to have the majority of it done for her birthday. we shall see how that goes.

making plans

right now i’m getting my thoughts together. i have talked to a few friends and everyone seems supportive. my friend courtney has been a real cheerleader. hopefully 1 may i will be moving forward. in the mean time i have a lot to do.
EP will be 1 in less than a month. i can’t believe i have such a precious little one. there are times when it gets surreal, and i look at EP and think, is this really happening? is she for real.
this weekend i will attempt to begin some spring cleaning. i also want to start thinking about colors for the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. i am hoping by my birthday i will have gotten some paining done. only 3 rooms to go- then there is always something else that has to be done… always something!!
well my to do list is growing… but that is a good thing 😉


we had a nice easter. the EB brought EP a ukulele. nothing like the gift of music.
dinner at kt’s was nice. my potatoes were so-so. oh well.
i can’t believe april is almost here. in a month EP will be one. i love being at home with her. she’s so much fun.
i miss some of my friends though. it seems when ever i attempt to make plans- something happens. then there are the ones that are just way too busy with everything in their lives, that making time to get together seems like either a chore or a huge inconvenience.
i’m working on a new project with my friend courtney. we’re hoping this will help get us both out of the SAHM rut… you know the one.”pockets are empty, but heart is full.”
daddy bought a new PSP this weekend. i am now hooked on pata pong… i think that’s the name of it.
well- time to get some laundry done, and the hard wood floors are whispering my name, but i am choosing to ignore them right now!!

flower and garden festival

today is the first day of the 2008 f&g festival at epcot. i just love going to epcot during this time. we have 2 extra WDW tickets left from when i worked for the mouse house, so we may be paying a little visit to my friend mickey, just for a day.
anyways, speaking of f&g and of the like, i think we may got to the home depot and get a few more plants for my little herb garden. things are starting to take off. my basil that i seeded is really sprouting!!
well it’s breakfast time.


the pollen from my oak trees has brought on a wonderful runny nose and sneezing attack. i never had allergies before having a baby, and now- my nose is non stop.

today i want to finish sewing the curtain for my french doors. i finally bought the last bit of fabric. i also bought some fabric for a parir of sleep pants, which hopefully i will have enough to make a pair for le monster.
and i want to work on my quilt and my other little project sometime this week.
daddy has everything paid up for the month and things are looking good. hopefully we can start getting some ideas for the yard. that is going to be a major transformation, it’s just begging to happen.

i know better than that

so i stayed up pretty late last night. i only got 5 hours of beauty sleep, so i’m so sleepy right now. EP on the other hand got a very good night’s sleep and is awake and ready to go… maybe i just need some coffee.

the other side

so today EP and i had a lunch date with aunt KT. it was nice to see her. we got to make a stop at the great american, did very little damage there, and had lunch at sweet sage. oh and i really like shopping at kohls… i don’t think there is one over here, but i’d make a trip over the bridge again…
EP was pretty much done by the time we were driving home. so she took a little nap while i spent some QT in the lovely stop-and-go traffic that lingers on I275.

tonight daddy has band practice. it will be nice to have the house to myself. maybe i’ll clean out my closet or do some sewing… or make a martini instead… what a difficult choice i have to make!!

what time is it anyways?

the return of martini:30 began last night. it was nice to have a cabana boy while i was making dinner. if only i could get him to wear those cute little boy shorts while making my drinks— j/k.
EP’s second tooth has made it’s official debut. pretty soon we’ll be making her pillow for the tooth fairy, and then getting braces!! oh the joy of things to come.
i think my poor little herb plants are drowning with all this rain we’ve been having. and of course just when they start to dry out from being waterlogged, the deluge happens again… and yes, i put rocks in the bottom of my pots for drainage, so maybe i need to break out a hair dryer or something.
well i should get to straightening up the house. all this rain has somehow left paw prints on my floors. now how could that have happened, hmmm??


this time change is really unfair. i feel like i’m getting up earlier and earlier every morning. my body is confused!! EP has been getting up even earlier than usual so i’m ready for a nap by 10am. daddy has been eating breakfast at home these past few days. EP has been munching on wheat puffs in the morning with him. it’s so cute how they share!!

so yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. hard to believe that it’s been 5 years and how much our lives have changed.

super fun filled family day

yesterday we had a super fun filled family day. we walked the entire international mall top to bottom and all the way around. got some things for EP that was needed, and did a lot of people watching and window shopping.
there looks to be a new chomper in little miss EP’s mouth. it’s just reaching the surface and hopefully will break through this week.
today i’m working a bit on my herb garden, and making coq au vin tonight.
the time change has kicked my butt this morning. i could use an extra 2 hours of sleep- i got robbed!!