1 year visit

yesterday we had our yearly exam for EP. she’s weighing in at 20lbs 4 oz and is 29.5 inches long. looking good. today she has a bit of a runny nose and fever; it could be from the two top teeth that have been slowly coming in.
we’re having a little get together in a few days, on sunday sunday sunday. it will be good to see everyone, and to share the fact that it’s been a whole year of fun filled EP times.

magical vacation

we had a great time at walt disney world this weekend EP got to dine with cinderella and her family, meet mickey mouse and friends and charm everyone she saw. her first ride was “it’s a small world.” although the parks were crowded, we managed to do a few rides and attractions and still find time to lounge at the cabin and be lazy. we had amazing “family time, ” and can’t wait to do it again next year hopefully.

go figure

now that i have almost completed the painting of the dining room, i think the color is a bit too much… i love it in the kitchen, but not sold on the dining room at all… something tells me i’ll be repainting very very soon. now the big question what color should i do?? typical, right?

work and home

for those that know, i had a very part time job working from home for west. well with hours being decreased and lack of available hours to schedule, not to mention that schedules never came out at the same time twice, i am now not sitting at my computer trying to get a shift to work anymore.

speaking of work- daddy has time off next week for our family vacation, umm in mean his vacation.
i am now working on my next item to get together, create my icon and get the website going, and do a wee bit more sewing.

on the homefront- i’ve started painting the kitchen and dining room. i like the way the light works with the color in the kitchen, but it’s too bright in the dining room… so we may need to do a little “antiquing” or something to deepen the color. we shall see how it comes out.
today we’re going to head to the pug rescue garage sale, and then over th da berg to see daddy make some noise and do lunch.

from what i can see, we have a full week ahead of us.

in one week

we will be at the most magical place on earth. yep we’re going to disney world. i have quite a few things on my to do list between now and then.
i need to start packing stuff this weekend, so i won;t be rushed to do any laundry before we leave, get all our EP snacks together, vacuum out the car (just because) and finish a few things around the house. needless to say i will be a busy girl for the next 6 days.
i finally bought a color for the dining/ kitchen walls. it’s a little brighter than i had wanted, but it’s definitely got some zing!! it’s like a terra cotta pumpkin. i think it will brighten up the kitchen area and also make the dining room feel a less hollow.

on a different note: i am absolutely loving my hair except it was to be a bit lighter. so i need to go back and have matt throw in some extra foils.

well daylight is a wastin so it’s time to get a move on.

home wreckers

between the pugs and the baby, my house is looking messy… by my standards of course. it’s gping on the third day i haven’t done the floors- they usually get done on mondays- and well they aren’t that bad, but i’ve been bad… i have scrubbing the floors. at least i look cute in a do rag. yeah that’s right i’m painting you a picture: me on my hands and knees in a wife beater and do rag, lookin all sorts of sexy cleaning my hard wood floors… yeah it doesn’t get any sexier than this let me tell ya.
i did do a wee bit of shopping this past week. got a few new things and some panties and bras. i remember the days of having like 100 pair of panties to choose from. those were the days!!
today i’m straightening up around the house and making home made spaghetti sauce and meat balls. i’ve got the classical music channel on to fill the air with the sound of music. we just finished putting the sauce together and it’s been on for about 30 minutes.. just a few hours more. i think it’s about that time- nap time for le monster. then i think i’ll start on the balls…


i have had to call more than a few times in regards to my disney vacation. not very magical. when i worked there, i verified things like email addresses and phone numbers… so how is it that my info was incorrect?? especially since when i worked there i actually made my household info so it had to be correct. i really don’t get it… too bad they don’t let people work from home, i would be an at home agent and work for disney again. it seems like people just don’t take pride in doing their job correct the first time, making more work for the next person that gets a phone call… well hopefully the multiple phone call nightmare is over now. as it stands we have our reservation on FL res discount (funny it’s the same as a CM discount) and some dining plans… i hope the weather is good while we’re there.


i have a few good friends. then there are the ones that are “not so much” as i like to say. i had a friend that was going to book our hotel at disney and she fell through and flaked. now we’re trying to get a reservation and it’s slim to none on that.
then there is the friend that i thought twice about. and now i wonder, why did i? once again, failing at being a friend. i guess i should say that i’m not surprised at her sporadicness. calling and leaving messages while upset and on meds… and i really just want some normal people who have their life and emotions under control.
why does every one seem to WANT to go off the deep end? am i one of the few that deals with life? i guess i’m lucky, no make that fortunate, that i can deal with life.
but i am getting tired of dealing with the consistency of the inconsistent!!
time to play with le monster, then i’m going to clean. woo-hoo!!

old friends

len and i had a girls night in last night. we ordered chinese and got starbucks and just played catch up. i needed some girlie time with her. i’ve missed her so much. we never got around to doing anything productive… so i guess we’ll clean out my closet next time.
this weekend we are doing a little shopping. EP is in size 12 month now and it’s time to add to her ever growing wardrobe.