nice long weekend

it’s tuesday morning… we had a nice long weekend. daddy is getting ready for work and we’re getting ready for breakfast. someone has been a little cranky this morning. i think she’s cutting teeth.
well, we have a full day of house cleaning and playing ahead of us today, time to get a move on, day light is wasting away.

the deadliest catch, sweet tart and biff burger

this weekend i got roped into the deadliest catch show on discovery channel. so much that last night we went out to the red lobster for a “flavor-lishous romantical dinner.” i dined on crab legs and the boy had the pop corn shrimps. YUM!!
so last night i made my “noise debut” at megavod… it was pretty fun. making noise. you know. doing fun stuff with josh. on and then draggin him home way past pumpkin time. we got in just around 3am… then today we picked up EP from nana’s and went to biff burger for lunch. i wanted her first fast food/ burger experience to ba a good one. i love biff burgers!! yum.
well, the weekend has been fun filled, i am beat, so i think it’s time for a “secret nap”
hee hee hee


woo hoo it’s the weekend!! right now i am slow cooking a NOLA roast for dinner tonight. all we need is some good french bread and some red wine and it’s ON!! my NOLA roast kicks butt, can you say “salt pork and gumbo file makes meat happy happy happy!!” well it does.
yesterday we had lunch with daddy. EP likes italian sandwiches and pickles and black olives. she has such an adventurous palate!! oh and she’s so flippin sweet. she’s been in a huggy mood this week. so sweet and affectionate. let’s hope the good mood lasts for tomorrow night when she gets to spend QT with nana. yep we are going out and from what i’ve been told i will be making my noise debut at the megavod HP- should prove to be an interesting evening for everyone. noise is noise, i just hope it sounds ok. speaking of the boy had a great show at the czar in ybor last night. and he’s been working hard on his white noise generator… soon to be available to sell on line for you. i guess that’s about it, le monster hasn’t gone down for her nap yet, trying to keep her up til after lunch, then nap… we shall see how it goes today.
oh and tgif!!

another week to conquer

well, the list continues to grow, and yet there is time on my hands, or is it running through my fingers??
EP should be getting up in a bit from her nap. i need to clean the house today and get stuff ready for the week. i think i’ll be finishing the painting in a few spots this week and maybe doing the bathroom finally. i am still searching for material for curtains in the living room and blue room, but it’s futile. i just can’t seem to find exactly what i’m looking for.
i need to work on the rest of the photo book for EP and the pictures in the hall this week, and my other website that has been on the back burner on low… that’s just the tip of the ice berg as to what i have to do…
this is going to be a busy week- as per my day planner. i have a hot momma date on wednesday and nana has EP on saturday for date night with the boy. and of course other stuff to go an do on the in between.

anyways, it looks like rain today.

it’s flippin hot out

we have had a great family weekend, in spite of my migraine. daddy let me sleep in this morning, and i got rid of the pain in my head. i was supposed to get coffee today with paulie poo poo, but it seems that will not be happening.
daddy got his noise box thingy all drilled out and ready to go and EP and i spent time with him on the back deck, man- it’s hot as heck out there today. time for a margarita!!

at the park

yesterday we went to the park for lauren’s birthday. lauren got a way cool bubble blower push mower. this was a big occasion as it kick starts our summer birthday party extravaganza!! and this also was EP’s first time at a park, riding the swings- which she was not overly fond of- and sliding down the slides with daddy.
wen we move into the next new house (fingers crossed) we are making sure it has a nice playground area for EP.

things to do

i have a list that seems a mile long of what needs to get done. every day it seems to multiply. it truly is the little things that add up.

on a different note: we returned the duplicate birthday gifts today and got a few things for the summer wardrobe. i found the cutest polka-dot tanktop for EP. it’s flippin cute. we also managed to get a few shirts and another pair of shorts. she should be set for a while.

un answered email

recently i sent a friend an email. this person always has a way of always letting me down. i titled it “once again” and the first line read, ” you never fail to disappoint me.” i decided to let this friend know that i was really upset with them, however NO RESPONSE. i don’t know what is worse, talking to a brick wall, or thinking there is a wall there when there it’s not. i’ve come to the point of reality where i have determined what friendship is truly all about, unfortunately this person has no real concept of friendship. it’s sad, really sad, that people just aren’t real, and never do what they say. maybe disappointed is a better description of my feelings towards this person. oh well. i do have some great friendships, so i’m not going to dwell anymore on the failures that i can not control and take responsibility for.
that being said, EP’s day planner is starting to fill up with things to do. tomorrow we have family dinner out and then this weekend we have a little get together at ceci’s and then we have lauren’s b’day.
no more and then’s— it’s time to get the day started.

mother’s day dinner

i made poached salmon with orzo and a baby green salad… let’s just say i think chef ramsay would have liked tonights dinner.
oh and my ring sparkles and sparkles and fits like it was meant to be. nothing like a bunch of diamonds to make ya all girlie and perma grinned.

happy mother’s day

well i got a gift from josh… even though we weren’t going to do anything special today… well it’s a gift of sorts… and it was meant to be … so it is!!