second wish

that my knee would get better soon, i hate not being able to do anything and wobbling around everywhere i go. maybe i should work on my swagger so i can look more “hood rat” like!! oh yes and use a cane too.
hopefully over the next few days i can weed the flower beds and plant the corn plants for a start on “operation plant this yard!”

i wish

either the slum lord that rents out rooms next door in the illegal rooming house would foreclose and be forced to sell, and the tenants would be forced to vacate, or that the drug dealer next door would just move into a different house- not next door to me. i’m so sick of the city not doing anything about this and the fact that i have to live next door to the crack dealing house.

hump me it’s wednesday

well it’s hump day. been on the phone with BOA as they somehow set up EP’s bank account incorrectly. now i get to make a special trip to the bank in order it get this little mess straightened out, what an inconvenience!
rumor has it that today we are to have a little lunch date. i hope i can make it. my stupid knee is now sprained after last friday’s playtime and then tripping over sebastian to further worsen my delicate condition.

soon the boy and i are to have a night out. dethklok tickets are in the hutch, safely awaiting their reunion with their beloved death metal masters. ok so i’m a little excited about the concert, even if it’s gonna be a little cooky. “do anything for dethclok”
yeah i’m ready for the darkness. i wonder if they will awaken any fallen pirates on their tour in the greater tampa bay area… oh my fingers are crossed.
officially i am a DORK!

manic monday

mondays are always my crazy day. i usually do laundry and clean the house. and then play with the pugs and the baby. today is no exception! there is much to be done but i am moving at a snails pace since i bruised my knee crawling on the hard wood floor on friday with EP. so i’m attempting to get as much done as humanly possible. i’m not feeling like super mom today…

the PS site

well over the past 2 days my PS site has been finally getting a little TLC and attention. i think i’ve done like 10 posts and still have 20 to go. i was lazy from mid april to now, so that’s 2 months of catching up and coming up with content.
as for now i am at a resting point. time to get le monster from her mega nap and get some lunch in our bellies.

it think i can

today i feel like the little engine that could… or rather CAN. i am trying to get a few things done while le monster is napping and then get to working on her closet once she’s up. i think this is the weekend i might put some stuff up on ebay and start making room… for more stuff!!
if all goes well, i might even get a night out tonight… but that remains to be seen.

it’s getting hot out there

it’s that time of year. the time when we begin to sweat from dawn til dusk.
looks like we will not be able to sell the house OR refinance at this time. if we had like 20k just lying around then we could refi, however with all those wonderful oak trees, unfortunately money does not grow on them… so we are stuck. indefinitely. which really sucks, since if we had the funds to refi it would drop us at least 2 points on the interest rate and save us like 400+ a month.

we need a miracle.

happy father’s day

on thursday i met up with JP KT and my dad and everyone for lunch. josh wasn’t able to get out of work early so we decided to head to ocala on friday to visit my grandparents. this was the first time they met both josh and EP… we had a nice lunch and a scenic drive both ways. it was nice to start “father’s day weekend” off doing family stuff.
last night we had a nice dinner out with ceci and jim. it’s funny how “once upon a time” ceci and i wanted to have children at the same time to grow up together… and now that is a reality. after dinner and drinks we came home for a little oh lala…
sleeping in was an unusually good feeling.
we went to get EP from nana’s and spent all fathers day out and about. we got pizza for lunch and walked the mall for a while.
now we’re gearing up for steaks for dinner. i’m still trying to straighten up a little and get the laundry done that i didn’t get to on friday.
i’m wondering how tomorrow will go sinve EP had an extra long weekend of fun filled familyness!!
well i really should get to straightening up while she’s napping.

operation sell this bungalow

soon to commence.
we are waiting for a call from the realtor to schedule a CNA. not sure what it stands for, but it means they walk through the house and tell us what is needed to be done to get her show ready and poised to sell. cross your fingers that we can sell and move sooner than later so we can be in a bigger house, more room and a nicer neighborhood for EP…
in the meantime we need to figure out where we will get the 3% down for the new purchase. the loan officer said to make sure we get it as a GIFT from a family member or friend… any volunteers? hee hee hee… i think it’s because it helps with the closing costs for the government loan we are going to get…
oh well, the rest of my day will be spent waiting on pins and needles for the cable guy to show up and figure out what is wrong with our DVR box!! i wonder when he will be here.

the dinner table

last night i waited to feed EP til daddy got home from work. usually i have her fed and ready to play so that she gets quality play time with him. i decided to do it differently last night. we all sat at the table and had dinner together. EP is getting very good at using a fork, and she loves mommy’s mediterranean chicken. she also loves strawberries and raspberries with parmesano reggiano cheese. i know if i turned my head for too long she would have found a way to the jesus juice!! but the vino is strictly for mommy and daddy.
now i need to figure out what we will be doing tonight for dinner. any suggestions??