there she goes…!!

well finally. after the past few months of holding onto everything in order to get around, she;s decided to let go. yep. EP is now officially a toddler- she’s walking. of course she’s still crawling as well. but she’s taken many steps in the right direction. she’s even dancing more, and not holding onto the table. which landed her with a nice bug OOPS on her fore head. oh well- bumps and bruises heal fast. even the pugs have been good with her and not knocking her over while she’s walking around. now we just need to grow a few more teeth!!

i think she’s teething

le monster has been cranking a little this past week. let’s hope there are some more teeth getting ready to make their appearance.
in other news my favorite aunt is visiting… aunt flo. her luggage is always so back breaking. grrrr. this should be a lovely week- EP teething and me with cramps.
fun fun fun.

the tele

as you know, when you have a little one, your television viewing options evolve.
for instance, in the morning we are tuned into noggin and watch LAZY TOWN. i really love this show. it’s well written, has a good and positive message and the music is great. EP bounces around and dances along. magnus scheving a/k/a sportacus is entertaining and i thing stephanie is too cute with her ping hair. she;s always siling and singing.
in the evenings we have become entranced with the disney channel and watch HANNA MONTANA. ok at first i was like, “why am i watching this,” but it’s really funny and cute- and she’s silly and down to earth, generally a nice kid. and yes, i admit, i like miley cyrus’ songs. she’s talented. ok?

needless to say these are our guilty pleasures- that luckily we can blame on EP. but thankfully there are some good quality family driven programs still out there for us to enjoy- together.

same faces different time

i got to see a few OLD friends from the way back machine on sunday. a few of us from transfig- grade school got together to catch up. it was nice seeing everyone. no one’s changed at all…
we also had a party on saturday to attend for lil jimmy. EP had a nice time. then we went to see nana for a bit, then make the trek home over the bridge. for my birthday i got to get together with lenie. that was super fun. she;s coming over this upcoming saturday to play!! woo-hoo.

pick a straw

well i forgot one of the highlights from family fun night. EP drank from a straw!! it was the first time that’s ever happened. i’m sure she could have done it before but we never tried. anyways, i am truly amazed by the littlest things, i know!!

family dinner fun night

tonight we had family fun dinner night out. or something like that. we went to get sushi at the crazy buffet. haven’t been since before i knew i was pregnant. not bad, and EP got her fill of veggies, chicken and duck, topped off with some watermelon and ice cream. she looked so stinkin cute too. got a good pic of her and daddy. i am not wanting any photo opps until i get my hair cut. still waiting to figure out who and where, so i can make an appointment. otherwise i might just cut it myself.
in other news i am attempting to focus on more sewing in the evenings in order to finish what i’ve started (ie- those darned quilts) and yes, one day i will get one completed. so on that note- time to get a sewing!! woo hoo!!

pants to sleep in

made a pair of sleep pants and working on a small quilt for me to curl up on the sofa. i realize i have entirely too many “projects” that have not yet been completed. so i am making an attempt to finish my 3 or 4 quilts by the end of the year. i’m also working on EP’s book and our scrap books that need some additions. then theres the rest of the house to work on. all by the end of the year so i can feel more focused on the big picture: the crabby bull. hopefully by october i can be organized enough to start my business finally and make a little extra ca$h…
more to come on the crabby bull sometime late august.
until then i’m like sleeping beauty, hoping i won’t prick my finger on a sewing spindle.

happy circles

or cherrios as you may know them, are part of our morning. they are the cereal of choice. we usually get the plain kind, not the honey nut or frosted… just plain. but mom made a grocery run and introduced us to the yogurt kind. wow they are so sweet!! then i googled them and found out there are like almost 10 different varieties. wow… well we like our happy circles a lot.

speaking of circles, went for our morning walk with miss bernice. i think once the weather cools down i will take the dogs for an evening stroll around the block.
oh and yesterday i spent some time watching KT’s boys. she was in NY and needed a sitter for a few hours while BB went o work. they were pretty good. i’m hoping to have a play date with them maybe next week, and she can keep EP entertained so i can focus more on them. but they really love thier cousin EP.

at my finger tips

i am so close to hopefully catching up with my long lost (BFF) dlh. i can only hope and cross my fingers, eyes and toes that my email finds her and that she is half as stoked as i am about locating her. and where you may ask has she been hiding out?? umm, NOLA- can you believe it. i hope she calls or writes soon…

who are the people…

in your neighborhood??
yes i seem to remember a sesame street song about just that.
this has been a busy weekend.

my wonderful crack dealing neighbors, are still around, although i think last weeks bust has alleviated at least the main coke/crack dealer living next door. div3 paid a visit yesterday and has been in constant phone contact to see if the problem has gotten any better. then i was informed that the WT slum lord phyllis d sold her place and there is yet another new slum lord i have to contend with. still have the same “lovely” neighbors next door, so she inherited the problem tenants and ME!! woo hoo!!
anyways i’ve been in contact with code enforcement regarding my “lovely” neighbors in the teal house. still nothing happening with the illegal rooming situation. however since then i’ve also had animal control out since one of the tenants was beating his dog. since then it has been chained up in the yard, barking and howling all hours of the day- either wanting a little food or freedom. so i once again had to let them know, “hey feed and take care of your dag, please.” then they decided to let if off the chain, able to roam freely all around the neighborhood. and where and who do you think the dog ends us, trying to jump on us, and get into our yard, and well… another conversation and getting nowhere i resorted to tampa pound to come and take the dog. so now we can leave out gates without getting mauled by their “stray”dog. i wonder if they will notice the dog is now gone…

speaking of getting out, miss bernice and i went for a nice walk this morning. maybe soon i can get bambi in on this since she could stand to loose a few pounds.