hurricane season

another storm is out in the gulf. we’re getting some wind and rain, but nothing too drastic as of yet.
we have an unexpected b’day party to attend today, so i hope the rain is kind enough not to soak us on the way.
been sewing, have another shirt and dress in the works for the pugs.
daddy has monday off for the holiday, so maybe i can bother him for a bit of time and help to get working on my site. i’m also having a difficult time with one of my models. it seems that sebastian is a nudist and for as degrading as he makes it seem when i put his harness on, he finds it down right humiliating when i put clothes on him. thumper and bambi on the other hand seem to LOVE the outfits.

EP fell off the bed today. she was playing with daddy and went on super fast crawl and run mode and BLAMO!! looks like she’s going to have a very bad bruise on the right side of her face. nothing is bleeding of broken so she’s fine.

well, i’m a bit nibbley, so i think i will munch on some fried chicken.


i posted this earlier in the week- however something strange happened and it never actually move to post!!

we had sushi on tuesday night and EP was introduced to the wonderful world of edamame. she always gets her fill of the teriyaki chicken, but this new veggie has become her favorite. as always she made sure to showcase her awesome table manners- they college boys sitting behind us could have taken a few lessons from her on how to chew with your mouth closed thank you.
unfortunately for me – i was on diaper duty the following morning. let’s just say that a combination of asparagus, shrimp and soy beans make for a more that pungent and lovely mess!! enough said.

this week i made apple oatmeal muffins. they came out pretty good. a little “healthier” than my yummy banana bread- but still a good way to start the day. i hate eating breakfast.

the pug clothes are coming along. i have completed 3 dresses, 3 vests and 2 shirts. starting to get ready to put a few on ebay and see how it goes. i’ll be putting on some of the halloween patterns since i was able to find some cute material this past week.

well le petite monster is up, so i should see what she’s up to…

nana muffins

so EP and i have had banana muffins for breakfast every morning this week. they’re so good!!

i’ve managed to get 1 shirt, 2 vests and 2 dresses done. just need to velcro and get my models to work for some photos. my goal is to have 10 unique items done by sunday, so i have a lot to accomplish over the next 3 days.

EP is cutting a molar, stll waiting on more teeth to fill the space from front to back.

been fighting a sick migraine. so have been a little slow going on everything. but at least i’m motivated!!

fay who??

ok so i had a feeling that the tropical storm (named fay) was going to miss us. everyone always freaks out right before any of these storms. well i guess that’s all i’m going to write about fay…

EP had asian meatballs last night. we put her in the highchair and then grabbed a meatball and attempted to put the whole thing in her mouth. she managed to use her fork all by herself and actually spear some food on it. little things are so amazing with her.

i made some banana bread muffins last night. i love banana bread. morning, noon and night. it’s good to eat any time of the day.

ouch that hurt

i hate pinning the binding to the edges. i always manage to get myself. it reminds me of having to check my blood sugar- only with that at least you know when the needle is about to get you. so far i have made some boys shirts, and a dress, and have a lot of other stuff cut out waiting to be put together. maybe this weekend i can start working on my site and get a few things out to sell.


so i did a little bit of volunteering for pug rescue today. got to meet some nice pug people. bambi was super cute in her dress. she looked smashing darling.
EP got some cool daddy alone time, with the boys.
looks like we might get hit with a big tropical storm or even hurricane. it’s that time of year i suppose. so it’s bound to happen over the next few months.

right now the kids are all napping and i’m going to do a bit of sewing. i’m feeling motivated…

i’m worn out

after running around today in the rain to return some fabric and stuff, i came home ready for a nap… but i didn’t get to take it.
i got started on a shirt for the boys last night and need to put the finishing touches on it tonight. now i just need to get my ideas together for my website and have daddy do a little light work in it to at least have a store front to show items… ummm i accept paypal!!
EP has been a riot today. she’s learned how to throw the dog toy and has been keeping them busy all afternoon. there was a brief moment of calm and she hugged thumper and sebastian, but then she started laughing and threw the toy and all the craziness started back up.
i have a slight headache, but daddy seems to have read my mind and came home with a bottle of vino- he really knows me well.

oh and finally… i happened across ellen today. i

hooray for mom

well mom (aka nana) came over with some goodies as usual. she got to see EP walk and talk, and then go down for her nap.
i’ve been working on another dress for the pugs and will attempt the boys shirt sometime tonight. i have finished once of my quilts and it’s been my blanket for watching tv. time to start on the angel quilt and try to piece together the other 3 quilts that are lurking in my “quilting bin” but hey, at least i’m making some progress. my goal (once again) is to get these quilts done before november before it gets COLD—errr i mean when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.
right now it’s barely raining. outside i can hear the rain drops and a bird chirping. it’s really quite peaceful… maybe it’s time for a secret nap?? maybe i should go and get my blanket…


after many days counted and waited, we have caught a glimpse of tooth #5- it’s about time. i was beginning to think EP was going to make her way through life with only 4 teeth.

i’ve been working on a dress for bambi. doing the final alterations and hopefully will be done tomorrow night while the boy is out. now that i’ve worked on one dress, i know what i’d like to change in order to hopefully make things easier. i have that pug rescue thing to do this weekend, so i hope she charms a few people to adopt.

it’s so ghetto

every time i take a bath, or shower or even pee- my eyes are pulled towards my ghetto fab bath faucet. i have no idea what posessed my plumber to pick out such a hideous fixture, completely different from what we had originally. and now- we’re stuck with it and i’m so mad… oh and he somehow kept the shower head for himself and said “it must not have been in the box” ummm- i am contemplating on canceling the check, but it’s probably too late. so now we’re stuck with the ugly ghetto bath faucet… oh and did i fail to mention that it is GOLD with lucite lever handles… it’s like 10 steps down from our old WT fixture… oh how i miss it…
we need a new plumber.