let there be- HOT WATER

well the plumber is here and in the process of making new holes for our new shower fixture. lots of dust and noise. i’m hoping the end result will be a non leaking shower fixture. i’m so-o craving a hot shower so i can wash my hair. these “sponge baths” aren’t as sexy as they sound. and now that it’s been colder, not as much fun either!!

i’ll post when i’ve become clean again!!

BOO BERRY and pet society

well- we have no hot water… remember when my next door neighbor/handy man “repaired” my leaky bath tub fixture with some ghetto fabuloussness 2 months ago?? well that plastic POS broke and he won’t return my calls. go figure. so now in lieu of getting some insulation for the winter, we are getting the bathroom repaired again… so another cold winter in this old house is to be weathered ;( but at least we will have hot water.

BOO BERRY is back. it has been found at the local grocery store just in time for halloween. woo hoo. it’s so hard to find anymore, but we got it now!!

my latest obsession is pet society. this cute little game has replaced my mob wars addiction. and is making me long for the arrival of animal crossing for the Wii… which we have on order. anyways, PS is so nice, most everyone is very community driven and generous. i wish i had real PS friends to hang out with and visit. so this is the next best thing.

EP had a dr appt yesterday for her 18 month checkup. she is doing fine and weighs 22.5 pounds and is 32 inches long. she is growing up so fast. she has all sorts of new sounds and is working on words every day. now when she pees she says “pee pee” and points to her diaper. so that’s a start in a positive direction.

daddy is at paul’s tonight. so i’m going to curl up on the sofa with my pug pack and read a book.

magical moments everywhere

we had a great time visiting MM at the mouse house. the NSSHP was great, although we re-named it the very soggy halloween party, since it rained most of the night and we were a little soaked by the end of the evening. i swear i thought i saw lance bass there… so that was a little extra something for the dreary weather. i was in line for peter pan and thought i saw him walking by. i was going to hop out of kine just to see if it was, but being a “grown up” i figured better to think it was him, rather than find out it wasn’t and then not have this extra bit of sprinkles to post.
EP stayed up late every night while on vacation. yep at 1 1/2 she was up way past pumpkin time and was teething. but she still had a great time. day2 we spent at epcot and did a lot of walking around, character M&G- where she liked them from afar, but up close, not so much and other stuff.
that evening we were back at the MK for dinner. by the second round of characters doing the meet and greet EP finally warmed up to them and wasn’t scared or upset. i got all teary eyed, because i’m a dork… but i was so happy to see her get it. another late night she crashed after a nice long walk around our resort. meeting other guests that were celebrating halloween, we made friends and got beads.
next day we went to AK and had a great day. we met a nice girl named BOI who worked there and she got us straight onto the safari ride, making everyone in line very jealous. and then we walked around and got to see a bunch of different animals, and birds. we spent quite a lot of time visiting with the characters and EP was to the point of walking up to them on her own accordance with out being freaked out. so that was great.
oh and the best part of our mini vacation was being on the dine plan. WOW!!
we had dinner at boma on our first night and i was really impressed with the buffet. the crystal palace was on par per the usual and we even got a server that we had a while back. counter service was decent, although very slow going.
all in all it was a great weekend.

now we are wanting to head back for MVMCP in december. and now that josh has his pass we are hopefully going to go every 6 weeks or so, and forgo the aquarium passes this year. in mean really, WDW has it all.

we’re going to disney world

can you say, “not so scary halloween party” because i sure can. so that’s what we’re planning to do. i’m sure it will be magical!!

so far the pug stuff isn’t moving like i had hoped. i’m rethinking my strategy and the boy has given me some good insight for my future web site. should be a good direction. it will be called the PUG CLOSET. as soon as it’s up i’ll be posting more about it.


so if you’ve been checking the site, at long last i am putting up some of the halloween collection for the PUG CLOSET. so tell your friends who have four legged critters that i have some cute and inexpensive things available for this halloween. this is the test launch for some of my items. although i’m a little behind and late on getting everything done on my end, the boy is working like a crazy man to get it up and going… he’s awesome.

Happy Birthday Chris Kirkpatick

every year on this day, i wish CK a happy birthday. so happy b’day CK.

ok well that being said, onto more real updates.
bambi has been a little ill the past 2 days. not eating and she threw up yesterday. i’m not sure what’s wrong so we’re jkeeping an eye on her over the weekend, then monday we will see what we need to do.
i’ve gotten the pug clothes done. no one has inquired from my DOGBOOK or MYSPACE posts. a little disheartening. and still have not heard back from the girl at PUG RESCUE. so the boy is very irritated with me.

time is going by a mile a minute these days. EP has been so much fin, and i spend every waking moment with her, so that’s where all of my energy has been going. at the end of the day i just want to plop on the sofa and watch some mindless tv and that’s about it. but there’s so much i should be doing instead!! really, a lot.

happy birthday michael

after 3 hours of sleep, i got up with EP. (daddy slept in til 1pm.) we did our usual morning ritual then i put her down for a nap at 11:45. we had to get to kt’s at 2 for micheal’s birthday party, but were late since EP over slept. we haven’t been doing morning naps for a week, so it sorta threw off her schedule. but we made it at 3:15 so better late then not at all!!

on the way home we needed to stop and get a few things for dinner and whatnot. it has been forever in a year since i’ve stepped foot in a wallyworld. let’s just say that it was a pleasant experience. we didn’t shop at our local hood/barrio wally, but the one in the park… pinellas park. but we gor a few things accomplished and weren’t broke afterwards.

tonight josh and i have been working on my pug clothing link for my site. i’ve gotten a few more items ready and need to post pictures and stuff this week to start selling stuff NOW. i think now that i have a clearer idea of my intent, and a game plan on what i’m going to make that things will be a bit easier now. i think i’ve worked out all of the mishaps and bugs on my end as far as creating new styles and designs… i know it’s only clothes for pugs, but i really like what i’m doing.

HHN 18

my little brother is too cute. i’m totally excited about going to HHn next week. should be fun.
i’m getting my hair foiled this weekend, josh has a show on saturday and we have micheal’s birthday on sunday, so looks like no beach for us this week.
well EP is on my lap, we’ve been looking at shoes on ebay for her. she’s so funny, she knows what she likes. she got so excited over a pair of brown shoes with pink flowers, so for $3.50 they were ours…
ok well now she’s interested in the drawers, and her flash cards and pendulum are being taken out, so time to play.

ow!! my eye!!

yep, liz laid the smack down on my last night, literally. she was playing and dotted me right in the eye. now my eye is swollen, and it hurts to blink. the kid can pack a punch.
got the cutest call from JP today. he asked us to got to HHN at universal next week. we’re totally excited to go, and he seems like he’s planning our attack on the theme park as i’m typing. he’s too funny. nana will be watching EP til mom gets off from work that day, and we will be screaming like little girls while we get the crap scared out of us!! this should be a fun night.