a day in the world

yesterday we went to WDW hollywood studios. not an overly eventful time, and i dare say we won;t be visiting that theme park in quite some time. there wasn’t a lot to do, and the lines for the shows and rides were beyond ridiculous. even lunch was lackluster at the brown derby.

however the evening was saved when we went to downtown disney’s market place. we had a great server who was totally on top of his game, and ate appetizers at the rain forest cafe. then we walked around and did some shopping, mostly window.

the bonus was everything was JUST decorated for christmas. so everything was really pretty and lit up. EP was pretty good for having such a long day without a nap. lunch was a bit trying, since we had to wait forever for service, but other than that, she’s a trooper. she walked the greater part of the day, in spite of the crowds. and she insists on holding both of our hands, which is the cutest.

next month we’ll be back at the kingdom for a day. that should be a lot of fun. i have to say we have a great time at the kingdom, and AK and epcot are just as fun for all of us… but hollywood studios left us with a lackluster feeling to say the least.

in the meantime, i’ll be getting ready to do our turkey and “all the fixin’s” for thanksgiving this week. it’s our little tradition since josh and i have been together to do the FEAST at our house, rather than driving over the bridge. it’s the best to have turkey and stuffing and everything, then plop on the sofa and digest with a fire going.

so on that note- i should start breakfast and get a move on. i need to clean and start getting ready for this weeks cooking extravaganza!!


last night when we took the dogs out, josh noticed the moon. so we laid back on the hood of his car and watched the clouds spin by. it was a really beautiful and peaceful moment. holding hands under the glow of the moon.
it’s the little things that mean the most.

fill ‘er up

this old betty has just been insulated!! now we hope to see a drop in the power bill. which some how has been circumvented with the increasing of the rate per kilowatt hour used. so maybe it’s a wash. but the house should stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and as martha would say, “it’s a good thing.”
on that note i’m going to rest now. after having chased bambi down the street with EP in my arms i’m certain my neighbors think i’m crazy. stupid gate!!

quack quack??

the duct work has been done, but we need a different repairman out to check the intake duct that is a mess. so i’m waiting for a call. EP’s off her schedule and crying. i really want to take a nap, but no sing of that luxury for today.
tomorrow insulation then wednesday a quiet house with no attack pugs scaring off the help.


it’s funny, AJB reads my posts nearly religiously, but my mom probably doesn’t even remember that i have a site. really this is a good place to see what’s going on with EP and us, for the most part. that is when i’m not ranting and B&Ming about stuff, maybe it’s better she doesn’t visit here 😉

my house is slowly getting cleaned. i still need to do the fans and floor boards and window frames. which is something i do at the beginning monday of every month. this month i have been lazy. so when i look up or down anywhere in my house i am being watched by little dust bunnies.
today has been declared super laundry day. i need to get some ironing done, and reorganize my laundry room and storage area.so i’ve carefully relocated the huge pile of clothes from the side of the bed (umm yeah- where YOUR black shirt you wanted to wear to work today was on the floor) to it’s next destination. now everything is sorted into a range of laundry to be cleaned rather than one huge insurmountable mountain.
my bathroom needs to be cleaned NOW. i think this weekend i will head out for the paint finally. so this will be another project to be done soon over the holiday.

i need to get my christmas stuff out soon. i have a lot of things that need to be done like yesterday. my house is going to be invaded next week on more than one day for the duct work and insulation (monday and tuesday) and then wednesday i can have a quiet home again.

so in conclusion, i’ve observed:
dust bunnies
the great laundry mountains
the bathroom in it’s state of change
and how crazy next week will be.

thumper absolutely freaks when a man is in the house and josh isn’t home… except for paulie poo poo. so he’s already tried to eat the teco guy. i’m sure next week he will be just as over protective. i’m gonna need a drink and some pills to get through all that chaos!!

but, TGIF!! even if i have a ton that HAS to be done, it’s the weekend. so it’s off to work i go.

my house is

a mess. we are having an energy audit today, so we can get the voucher from the power company for a small refund towards our insulation. yes i will be getting the gift of insulation for this christmas. well at least the attic will be insulated. the floors will still be like ice, but that’s part of the charm and nostalgia of living in this old house.

EP has been making new sounds. words are soon to follow. she’s so tall!! more teeth are coming in. i think she has my bad teeth. her bottom ones are crooked like mine when i was little. so we need to start planning on how to pay for braces i think. not to mention her peach fuzz on her legs. so lazer hair removal might be another thing to save up for.
speaking of saving $ we have a new president. so let’s see if he will be able to do what he said in order to get elected. i think fixing the mortgage crisis was on his list of stuff to do. we shall see…

on my list of stuff to do is:
—organize the house.
—get EP ‘s baby clothes to the storage unit since the baby shops aren’t buying anything right now.
—get my winter sweaters out.
—get some sewing done… hopefully.
—clean the fans and windows and floors.
—plan what i’m making for turkey day week since daddy has the entire week off for vacation.

blood type error

so something that has been on my mind since i gave birth to EP… my blood type per my adoption/hospital records is not the same as my “actual” blood type that i am when i had EP.
i was watching the ghost whisperer (one of my favorite shows to watch) and there was a story about 2 little girls being switched at birth and the blood type was the key in finding out the past…
just odd, since everything in my adoption is sealed and hush hush… makes my mind wander…

in other news daddy wants to get the Wii music game…

i’m feeling a bit under the weather…