taste test #1

since daddy has some time off from work- aka vacation- we’ve decided to take a few taste tests. inspired by the whopper virgins, we will work up to the whopper vs QPC test in the next week or so.
today’s test was hot dogs. all beef vs good ole mystery pork filling stuff. well it was a unanimous decision and the all beef franks were the best wieners in out mouths!!
the second challenge was mac and cheese. the cheesiest vs target store brand. i followed directions for each- as the proportions did vary slightly between the 2 for ingredients, then another blind test. surprisingly josh chose the target brand- for it’s saltier flavor, while i liked KRAFT- for a cheesier flavor. it was a close call really, since the both came from boxes and had the powdered cheese.

in other news, i’m feeling a bit better. josh is getting sick and EP is somewhere in the middle. we’ve laying low for the next few days, and waiting for chirstmas morning. i can’t wait to see EP open all her stuff.

and finally, it’s a festivus for the rest of us. so air your greivences, stare at that lovely aluminum pole and end a perfect night with the feats of strength!!
serenity now 😉

see ya real soon…

that’s right folks… we’re heading to see the mouse tomorrow!! gotta see the MK in all it’s christmas splendor and glory, lus it’s the first day of the boy’s 2 week vacation and the last day we can use our passes before the blackout time, so that’s what’s going on!!

the fucking secret of NIMH

ok for many moons we have been sleeping in heavenly peace. hector had vacated the attic a while back. daddy had left some “treats” and “toys” outside for him… so we thought he had DIED from all the excitement.

not the case.

last night i was awaken by the not so sweet sound of the pitter patter of feet above my bed. sounded like someone was moving in upstairs once again- even though we have a device that is to emit a sound to drive away the little vermin.
however… he’s up there, back to his no good ways, waking me up in the middle of the night as he scurries across the ceiling. and we just insulated, so i thought that would either muffle the sound or ever deter him from setting up camp…

daddy doesn’t know this yet, but i’m hoping he will take a peek up there in the next few weeks while he’s on vacation. maybe with our obama bucks we can re-do the lattice around the bottom of the house, reinforced with chicken wire!!
otherwise, consider me covered in peanut butter, armed with a BB gun and a bat… and i’ll take care of old hector once and for all.

swiss cheese

that’s how my brain feels… likr there are a lot of holes. while i was sick i was more forgetful than usual. sinus congestion shut down all normal brain functions, and i was a total blank page…
i’m now on the road to recovery. per the MD my lungs sound much better and no more bronchitis or pneumonia. still have the sinus infection. hence the new meds.
EP is still sick with a cold and since she’s been sick for over 2 weeks, it’s time for some meds. so this is our first “official” illness- meds and all that fun stuff.

well that’s the general stuff as of late.

am i awake today

i think not.
i’ve been in a daze the past few days. succumbing to the idea that i may actually BE sick. i have a ton of stuff to do over the next few weeks up to christmas and i have no energy or motivation to do anything but to take a nap half way through the day.

well, on that note i’m going to grab my blanket, le petite monster and cuddle on the sofa for a bit.

and still

sneezing like sneezy of the 7 dwarfs.
i hope i shake this cold like thing soon and the meds do their job. the idea of pneumonia isn’t sitting well with me. remember, i’m not sick, it’s just the sniffles.

had a nice GNO with lenie last night. we managed to stay out way past pumpkin time. oh the sweet freedom of shopping without little hands. don’t get me wrong, i love shopping with my mini me. she’s a good little shopper, but it was nice to shop and not have to worry about EP wanting to touch everything. i managed to get a new black long sleeved tee and a fleece zip up. so last night it was all about me!!

i’m feeling a bit tired today. the meds are making me hyper, so my mind is going fast but like a blur and while the rest of me is attempting to keep up at a snail’s pace.
is that even possible?
you tell me, i have no idea.

still running

i know meds don’t work overnight. but i’m still joined throughout the day by my lovely and constantly runny nose.
no fun.

daddy has a noise show today, and i;m supposed to have a GNO tonight, but i have a feeling it will fall through as plans always do. maybe i’ll just go out alone tonight if that happens.

we had a stoled vehicle in the area yesterday with the police chase ending on our street. daddy was running late for work, and thankfully was home just as the perp was scaling our fence to avoid the cops. pretty crazy. i heard a loud noise, thinking it was the street cleaner outside loosing control. but it was much worse than that. josh flew out of the front door and watched a car careen recklessly past our house, into our tree and nearly landing the vehicle into our neighbor’s house. then the driver exited the vehicle and made his way through a few back yards to our and then over our fence to the alley way to make his escape.
i now know a few more of my neighbors by name as everyone was outside… it was like a block party afterwards, without the party. at least no one was injured.

well that’s about all the excitement i can handle this weekend. so i hope the next 2 days are peaceful and quiet.

no i’m not

well that’s what i thought… apparently i’m sick. i have acute sinusitis and bronchitis and my lungs “sound like junk” per my PCP… so i’m now on meds and in 10 days go back to see if i’m better or have pneumonia.
i don’t FEEl sick, just a case of 24/7 sniffles, a tragically runny nose, and a stuffed up sinus cavity all at the same time. no coughing, or tightness in the chest… but the doc says otherwise. fun fun fun.

speaking of fun, someone has been having a grand time this past week. it seems miss EP is taking to the potty training. she has been telling me when she has to pee pee, and so we sit and like magic, she pees. it’s not constant, but the fact that she is recognizing the urge to go, and the feeling of accomplishment after peeing in the potty, and the freedom of being chased to her room with out a diaper on, well i’m thinking she’s feeling quite exhilarated.

the moon with venus and jupiter has been a pretty site as of these past few nights.

i’m sure there is more, much more, but come to think of it, i really haven’t been feeling 100% the past few weeks, and my mind is cloudy, so i’m going to rest.