that’s what HE said

so we went to the st pete farmer’s market this morning. did all of our fresh shopping for the week. we even got a great kids book for EP signed by the author and stuff. then headed to mazarro’s for the rest of our groceries. these are the things i miss being “way over the bridge in tampa” and that it’s been 2 years since we’ve been to the market… but it’s so much better than the ybor one, even in spite of the chilly weather.
and then josh said, and i quote, “st pete isn’t really that bad after all.”
hee hee hee
anyways, we have a noise show and i need to get EP ready for nana’s.
so i’m off.

all i can say is WOW

the past week has been filled with ups and downs… or rather situations and obstacles and miracles.
the CHA unit stopped working in the middle of the night last week, on the coldest night we’ve had this winter. come to find out that we needed a completely new unit. money we do not have. later that day i turned on the tv and it blew a tube… just another thing to deal with. the AC in josh’s car no longer works, so he’s going to be a happy camper during the summer on his drive to work.
i’m sure that was most of the obstacles or situations we dealt with last week.
we managed to get the AC replaced and used up every last dime to do so,for the down payment for the repair, but it’s done. my friend lenie left for TN last week and gifted us her dining room set. finally a real table to eat dinner upon. and then, monday i had a GNO with courtney. she then came over tuesday and hand delivered us her old tv.
last night i sent a fax to chase regarding our home loan and the interest rate to appeal and have out case reviewed. my fingers are crossed and candles will be ablaze as we wait the next 3-4 weeks for some good news from them…

when it rains it pours, but there’s always a rainbow and clear skies to follow.

i am not perfect

after a long weekend, i’m back.
i didn’t get the bathroom and living room walls done, so i still have to finish painting! however, i did manager to assemble the bathroom shelf without ruining it.
i tried to help with the gardening landscaping project, but somehow proved to be more a hindrance than help. although i did manage to pull up some nasty tree roots and stopped josh from digging through the gas line.
i somehow still need to clean and finish the small hill of laundry. the painting HAS to get done this week… and i now need to recover the chairs for the dining table that lenie gave us.
i have a lot to do!!
EP is in full effect today. she has insisted that everything has to be out on the floor, so i’m trying to navigate through a sea of toys… come to think of it i still need to get rid of some of her baby toys- maybe that is where i will start today!! another thing to add to my growing to do list. thank god i have dinner done for tonight.
and away i go…

been cookin and cleanin and paintin

this has been a relatively busy week. after a nice 2 week “vacation” whereas daddy said i was lazy and didn’t cook- i’m now back in the kitchen, making dinner. i love to cook, but hey i took advantage of a reprieve while josh was off. he took care of dinner during his time off. it was a nice break for me.
i’ve also been cleaning up this old house. have a few projects i’m working on. and right now i’m in the process of repainting the living room and bath room. hopefully by the end of this weekend they’ll both be done, but it’s been so cold!!
all i really want to do is curl up on the sofa with EP and the pugs.

i love “yo gabba gabba”

this is genius!! really… EP wakes up and says momma momma?! followed by “gabba?? muunnnnoooooo…
she loves yo gabba gabba. i was able to get dishes and laundry done while she sat quietly on the sofa watching her favorite show with the pugs.
woo hoo!!

the beginning of a new year

so much to be done, and another year has already begun to wind down. time is flying by so fast these days. i’m trying to remember to take time to pause and take it all in.

daddy is back to work, after a nice 2 week vacation. EP had such a great time having both of us to play all day with.
christmas and the new year was nice. EP got a lot of great things and i’m already spending my christmas money for a few things for this old house.
things are really coming together.
i think i finally have gotten rid of my sinus infection/ bronchitis/ cold. hopefully it doesn’t return any time soon.

while on vacation we made it over to WDW twice. it’s nice not to have to scurry around like a field mouse running from the farmer’s wife, trying to get things done. season passes are AWESOME!!

a lot more stuff is going on, but i’ve been preoccupied with mario galaxy and haven’t been posting to any sites, or even logging onto the computer much the past few weeks.

on that note- le petite monster is requesting my attendance in the lieu, me thinks she needs to potty.