no show today

so we didn’t make it to the gun show as we had hoped to. the line was ridiculous, but we made the best of today. while KT watched EP, we had an afternoon lunch date and got to spend some QT together!! so i’d have to say it was a great day!!

everybody’s working for the weekend

so another week is behind us. EP has become quite the little chatterbox… she’s become so expressive. which is so funny. she asks for things. it seems we can’t get past a McD’s without her saying hamburger and fry fries… she get’s that crap maybe once every other week, and yet- she KNOWS those arches.
my little parrot- she’s replaced the F word with other more appropriate words. i think she has so many swimming in her head that she’s forgot the bad one!! i hope it stays that way.
she’s also got a great memory. every day when she waked up from her nap she asks, “mail?” because she wants to go out and get the mail from the box. she also has been quite the little “helper” around the house and garden. she has her own broom now and watering can. and when i’m cooking- she INSISTS that we wear our aprons.
it’s the little, simple things that she’s been learning and doing that makes it so much fun. seeing her understanding things.

what a day

we all survived a long and crazy fun day at EPCOT. josh made sure to drink around the world, and have a happy birthday. we had such a great time… walking eating shopping, checking out all the extra goodies and of course partaking in a few beverages. i was good since i was the DD- and i made sure that he was properly knacker and liquored up before we headed to DTD. we managed to even get a few things for EP and have her birthday gift already bought.

today i’m getting back into the swing of things. have to catch up on the usual: laundry and cleaning. EP was so super tired that sh’e been napping for over an hour- due to wake up at any moment…

nap time

i finally got le petite monster down for her nap today. time to attempt to straighten up my side of the blue room. i’m wanting to sew her a little apron since she has been such a good “helper” in the kitchen and garden… or… i could just take a nap!! 😉


so we went to the FLORIDA STATE FAIR and saw the animals. EP was scared of the cows, they were gigantic. and then the chickens were just noisy. but we had a great day. the weather was perfect, we got to have lemonade and corn dogs, so all in all a good day.
daddy even got me a little souvenir- a fern leafed lavender plant!! i have to plant it today, since when we got home yesterday EP and i crashed for a super long nap.

1 week til daddy’s b’day!!

heart day

so last night, after downing an entire bottle of cuervo with the boy… jose really is a bad influence, and i still feel like he’s around!! we finished the bottle and i chucked it across the yard, over the fence where it went THUD. all in a good night of drinking.

this morning i managed to pry myself out of bed. we met mom and aunti sal at the st pete market, did our usual mazarro and great american run, and finally got home just after 3pm. as much as i craved a nap, no dice.

tomorrow we’re hitting the FL state fair. EP is gonna freak when she sees the moo cows and piggies.

friday the 13th

so i’m hoping for some scary movies at the sherman cinema tonight. once EP is down to sleep, i’m turning the lights off, lighting the candles and having some wine.

and what better way to start off tonight then… TACO NIGHT!!
oh yes- my taco brings all the boys to the yard!!

it’s always something

so the AC company came out for their routine inspection before the city comes out for the city inspection in the new unit installed. not so routine inspection more like it. so the tech was here for over 3 hours, almost 4, all that time to fix what the first guy didn’t do properly. and we still need another person to come out and finish a few things before the city does their inspection… grrrrrr!!

in other news. the house is coming along, both inside and out. we still need a new sofa, but otherwise this old betty is getting into shape so to speak.

we have a lot of things to do over the next few weeks. the boy is slowly becoming a tree hugging hippy. we’re composting out kitchen waste, he wants to start bee keeping and built a chicken coup… along with out soon to be victory garden. i’m just the sprinkles to the sherman compound. my contribution is the herb and flower garden…

and then we have fun on the horizon. aunti sal is to arrive late tonight for a few days with mom and nana. i’m hoping we get a chance to see her while she’s here. there’s also the FL state fair, josh’s b’day at EPCOT, the renn fest, not to mention a GNO with miss shana and then MILF’s night out with C… and something else i totally have forgotten about…

in the mean time, i’m getting ready to head to le target and the market with EP…

senior skip day

so shana took a day off from work to come over- she teaches at our old HS… and we had a great time playing catch up. after soccer season tourneys are done- we’ll be having a proper GNO… i don’t know when spring break is- but i’m looking forward to it now!!

but right now, i’m looking forward to martini:30 😉