what’s today?

you know it’s bad when you wake up asking, “so what day is today?” thinking it might be monday… there are times when i forget what day of the week we’re all on. it’s good to know it’s the weekend.

help for homeowners

so since we do not have a mortgage held by fannie or freddie we do not qualify for the O-man’s latest bail out scheme. that’s too bad since the market has tanked and our house has depreciated in value so much that it’s sickening. the plan b interest mod hasn’t done as much as i had hoped, and now there is no way we can get option c, since we aren’t covered by the F’s so onto the hoop to jump through and let’s see what d can maybe do for us.

you know a while back there was a study to show how much a “housewife” or SAHM was valued at and the price tag was like 117K a year. i wish O-man would come up with more creative funding so i could stand in THAT line for my check!!

it’s 7:30 and all’s well

i am so-o not a morning person. between waking up at 5am to the sound of what might be my old friend HECTOR in the wall (most likely it’s the momma squirrel, or at least that’s what i’m preferring) and then the dogs doing the usual at 7am and EP asking for her shoe flops soon after, i just can’t seem to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed…
we might need to break down and get a coffee maker after all.

the black plague

we headed out to the renn fest yesterday. had a nice time, although my nose was filled with black stuff that was completely gross and came out for the rest of the night.
at the fair we had a yummy baked apple and one of the vendors gave EP a silver ring. i bought some potpourri and that was all we spent. some of the outfits were so elaborate!! maybe if we go next year, EP will be old enough to dress up…
speaking of dress up. right now a little someone is wearing a pair of heels, clunking around the floors. she is telling me that she is a “lol lol gurl”… translation, little little girl.

impromptu GNO

i managed to steal away last night to get “over the bridge” and buy some mascara. miss j at dior did my eyes all nice and smokey and shana and i went for drinks afterwards. on the way home there was a huge accident, 2 trucks +1suv= fatal. if i would have left 5-10 minutes sooner, i maight have been in the thick of it. i’m glad we chatted for a little once we reached the parking lot…
we’re off to the market today. time to get some real veggies last weeks store run proved to be less than quality.


it stinks not having a babysitter!!
the few times that the boy and i would like to do something, i always feel like i’m over taxing my mom, since she’s always working so much and helping everyone else out with their kids.
that being said, we’re seriously thinking about canceling our plans for next sunday. i was really excited, but it is an all day thing. josh said i could go alone, but it would have been fun to go together… since KT might be OOT and is unsure whether or not she can watch EP, and mom has her hands full with nana.
maybe if i can find a sitter here in tampa we can do an evening thing instead. now i just need to find someone that i can feel comfortable leaving my precious little girlie with…
this will be a first for us, a non family member watching EP…

it’s too bad lenie is up in TN… i miss her, and EP loves lee lee!!

the power of suggestion

i woke up with a splitting headache, my stomach still in knots from yesterday. plus i slept like the dead last night and was really still very tired. josh was like, “do we have any instant coffee in the house?” we don’t and we don’t won a coffee maker, or anything of the sort. we’re not morning caffeine people. but today was one of those mornings (like sunday when i went out to get coffee for myself because i couldn’t get started.) i just laid in bed while josh took care of EP and the pack, but i wasn’t able to completely fall back to sleep. stupid guilt.

so after josh left i headed out to get coffee. that’s 2 times in a week. and it’s so good… i’m sorta awake now, but i wouldn’t have even thought to go get *bucks if josh hadn’t have said, “you should have gone out for coffee while i was taking care of everything else- you’ve been sleepy the past few mornings!”

maybe it’s time to get a coffee maker? but i think it’s just a phase, or i’m getting old!! 😉

what a morning!!

daddy left for work as per the usual.
about 30 minutes later i went out to make EP a snack, and the back door was wide open. which means it wasn’t fully closed or locked when daddy left.
and that meant the gate for the yard was open wide open.

the pack was enjoying naked time, since we just had flea baths on sunday and i have to wait 3 days before i do the flea treatment so no one had harnesses or tags on!!

i saw bambi on the deck and sebastian trotted up to the deck when i walked to the door, with my stomach twisting into knots. i managed to get them inside, grabbed EP and my keys and jumped into the car to go look for thumper. of course not even 1 minute into driving down my block do i see a car run over a cat, and watched the cat twitch and gasp for air. people fly down our street at 40-50 MPH all the time, without a care in the world.
i called KT and she was going to come over to help look for my little man. i got back to the house, called my one friendly neighbor- and she was outside looking for thumper as well. i put EP into the stroller, harnessed bambi up and went out walking for 30 minutes. i talked to a cable guy working on our street and he hadn’t seen thumper but said he had just arrived a few minutes ago…
i talked to shana and she was hopeful that we would find thumper soon… daddy left work to come help, and he’s the one who found thumper, intact and unscathed. the cable guy was driving abound and saw me walking and drove up to me and said he had just seen thump running down the other block so he got off his ladder to see if he could find my dog… that was unexpectedly nice of him!! his quote was, “your little black pug is a fast runner, man he’s really fast!!” the street he pointed to was the street perpendicular to the street we live on, and i was 5 blocks in the other direction.

that little black pug was lounging right across from miss b’s house in a vacant lot. daddy drove by and saw him sitting there and got him in the car… then josh drove around to find me, EP and bambi…
as i was finally getting home from my morning “stroll” KT arrived.

i’m just glad thumper was ok, and thankful that i have good people that cared enough to help.
my stomach is still in knots though…

the ides of march

after very little sleep last night, thanks to the youngest flea bag, i am running on half steam ahead. daddy has already deemed today as “one of those days” but i’m trying to overcome the sickening migraine that is knocking on my door.

the “lock it” monster

so last night after daddy got home, we were out on the deck. completely unarmed, nothing up our sleeves or in our pockets, we were sitting ducks. we just didn’t know it at the time.

and there she was… the “lock it” monster.

now you know exactly what i’m about to say. yes, EP went inside and promptly locked the door behind herself. she’s seen me do it 100 times over. as soon as i come into the house (anyone’s house for that matter) i lock the door. and so there she stood smiling at us. so proud of getting her tiny little fingers past the door safety mechanism in order to flip the lock into place.
and there we were, on the outside looking in, helpless. with windows that never have opened, and no keys or cell phone or locksmith to help save us, the night grew darker and darker.
after many futile attempts, all ending up with us looking at the “lock it” monster pleading for her to unlock the door.

and there she stood smiling and laughing at us.

after about an hour of uselessness, my last resort worked. now that is a secret that stays with me. but i will say with the slightest of ease, the door opened and there we stood face to face with the “lock it” monster.

dinner was a bust as it was just past 7:30 so we ordered chinese.

with teamwork it truly was a happy anniversary.