people annoy me

how hard is it to RSVP for a party? there’s a phone number, email, messenger, husband- so many channels to inform one whether or not one will be attending a party. there are only a few people that haven’t RSVP-ed, but i’m just annoyed at the thoughtlessness…
at least i have good friends that are showing up, and are excited to see EP. those are the people that count!!

i spoke too soon

back to the crib after 3 nights of la petite not wanting to sleep in her toddler bed. with a resounding, “no nap no nap no nap” song coming from ep’s wee little mouth, josh and i decided to go ack to the crib… and then of course, she wanted to sleep in the little girl bed. maybe after we do this disney thing and birthday stuff- i can concentrate on getting her acclimated to her bed.

in other news, bridge came over today and i got to see pics of the lil petite growing inside her. we’re all hoping it’s a girl… she already has a ton of stuff from hayley, so that would make it easier on the bank accounts!!

and in other news- the house smells yummy. i’m making a brisket and out new favorite vegetable- cauliflower mash…
for now i’m going to relax for the next few minutes before someone wakes up from her nappy nap!!

little girl bed

so i ran out as soon as i could to the wally world to pick up our toddler bed that arrived site to store. daddy put it together and EP sat on the bed and said lizzy little girl.
then we headed to the renee’s for dinner and stuff… we ran late because i insisted on getting the bed put together, but they seemed to understand…
after a late night out, wegot in and EP was not ready to be a little girl. she wanted to sleep in the crib, so i had to wait for her to fall asleep in my arms- then set her in the bed. she did really good all night and then came in this morning to cuddle with daddy.
this afternoon she even took a nap with out too much fuss… so i think the transition to the toddler bed is going to go pretty smoothly. maybe by week’s end the crib will be outta the house for good!!

susan boyle

so i’m a week behind the “real world” as i live under a rock and rarely know what’s happening outside my front (or back door). i’m usually consumed with la petite.

but… i just saw the susan boyle video and was brought to tears. that woman has such a pure and amazing voice. watching her get up on that stage, hearing the crowd shift and snicker, and then— WOW- she floored them with her voice. let’s just say, she made me smile today.
i hope she wins the britan’s got talent thing- because she has talent for sure!!


i’m off duty tonight in the kitchen. we’re ordering in- it’s pizza night woo hoo!! thank you pappa john!!

i’ve had the worst cramps, stupid auntie flo- she’s a real pain.
however daddy was super awesome this morning. since after having la petite, i get the most evil lower back pain and cramps- right where my epidural was, every time auntie flo arrives. so while daddy took care of morning stuff with EP, i stood in a crab boiling hot shower to ease the pain. it worked, popped 2 tylenol- which i rarely do- and crossed my fingers. after daddy left for work, EP and i went out for *bucks and for a java chip frappe and blueberry muffin.

right now i’m in the blue room, the blinds are open, and there’s momma squirrel- cheryl- outide screaming at me from the tree. she’s actually making eye contact with me, as if she’s demanding her breakfast. i should toss some peanuts out for her.
oh and daddy bought a trap this weekend. hopefully we will catch the uninvited visitor that has found it’s way to the open space under the bathroom, and next to my side of the bedroom wall. gotta love this old house. next house will be on a foundation!!

“lizzy bite?”

it’s easter morning at the sherman compound.
EP woke up and daddy took care of her while i got stuff set up for her. then they came out and saw that the EB had made a special stop at our house. EP went through all her goodies in her basket. she was super excited to see that she got a blinking cup like mommy’s and foofa and brobee were in there too. not to mention her candy duck, camp rock candy egg and a chocolate bunny.
we headed outside and she found all her eggs with only a little bit of help. then we headed inside so she could have breakfast. so she had some jelly beans and played with daddy and her play-dough while i made a proper breakfast for everyone.
(bacon and egss and toast)

after breakfast daddy tried to show EP that the bunny was yummy so he took a small nibble off one of the ears. well that scared her to the point of leaving the room in search of her blanket and mommy. a little while later she came up to me, bunny in hand and said, “lizzy bite?” so i took the bunny out of the package, handed it to her, and she took a bite off the ear. we now have a deaf bunny, as both ears are no longer upon his head.

5 more minutes

EP loves to wake up early. we don’t. usually i’m serenaded with “momma momma, milk milk. momma momma wet diaper.” then she is quiet for a few minutes while she’s entertaining her stuffed animals. i listen to her talking to them, or she;ll sing twinkle twinkle, or count, but she is great for occupying herself in the AM.
that’s when i can always get an extra 5 minutes of sleep. and i take full advantage of it.
but those days are soon to be long gone. today marks a monument of my baby becoming a little girl. yep, i ordered her toddler bed and we should have in in approximately 2 weeks. that’s when the real fun is going to begin.
she’s growing up.
but for now i will relish in the additional 5 minutes of sleep for as long as i can.

who are the people in your neighborHOOD

so i spotted a bum making his way to the back of the teal house next door so he could call a friend and have a swig of vodka at 9:50 this morning. of course i called my good friends at TPD to advise them of the situation. but the bum left before the police arrived.

in other news, i got to have a girl day with KT and EP yesterday. it was nice to get out and see my sis, and EP had a good time. i managed to get a few things for her easter basket, so that is done. we’re dying eggs tomorrow night with daddy.

he can be so insufferable

i am in no way a computer literate person, nor do i pretend to be. but i hate hate hate when i ask a ? and i’m treated like i’m beyond stupid… i’m sorry but it just doesn’t compute.

this is all because i like to play a flash game called YOville. i like it. it’s mindless and cute and i can chat with my friends online. josh doesn’t “appreciate” the game, so any time i have a question regarding an issue, he get’s so degrading that i just want to scream…
i’m screaming on the inside.
he can be so insufferable.