i spend the majority of my day cuddling with EP. she’s still my cuddle baby, so i’m taking it for as long as i get it. i love watching her play. she’s got so many words, new ones every day. she’s even singing along to her tv shows and reading to herself. she loves to dance. right now she has a pink tutu on and fuchsia patent leather shoes, and she’s singing the ABC’s.
all i can say is she is so stinkin cute!!


after a weeks worth of rainy days, i do believe i spot sunlight up above. just in time for the weekend. i’m so lethargic, or should i say “well rested” that i’m craving an afternoon nap. secret naps are the best.

my list of things to be doing is manageable. i’ve been told that my other site might be recieving some TLC so that would force me- i mean inspire me to get back to working on that project. i actually have missed posting on it, but since last christmas, i’ve just been engrossed with la petite.
my birthday is coming up… well in like 2 months. it seems this time of year really makes me frantic to start getting stuff done.
speaking of- i’m attempting to go through my dresser this weekend and revamp my available wardrobe. since i’m down to “below pre-pregnancy weight, i’ve been motivated to get rid of stuff. i’m afraid i’ll be left with t-shirts and panties after all is said and done. well not really, but i’m pretty bored with my closet these days… i just might get rid of everything, and start over.
maybe i’ll scare the people in the hood this weekend and get my white ass outside to work on my tan…
prepare to be blinded… dazzled even.

rainy season has begun

4 days of rain and counting. this morning there has been a bit of a reprieve but i heard there is still more rain to come. we’ve been stuck indoors and EP has been pretty good with that. she’s been singing and dancing like crazy.
usually the rain has a refreshing effect on me, however lately, it’s made me nothing but sleepy and lazy… i mean lazier than usual.
daddy has a 3 day weekend coming up, so maybe we can get some sunshine, otherwise- it’s gonna be a looong weekend for sure.

pee pee in the potty

it’s hit or miss with the potty training, but this morning when EP woke up she said, “pee pee potty.” so i whisked her from the crib and placed her upon her throne. nothing happened, but it’s a great way to start the day.
she’s been singing through her ABC’s the past few days. she gets all the way to G then it’s a little fuzzy. she’s also singing along to the theme songs on her favorite shows. it’s the cutest darned thing.

mother’s day

mother’s day was great. daddy and EP made a card for me and EP colored “circles” all over it. then i got to get out for a bit alone to do some shopping (that’s always a treat!!) later in the afternoon, after daddy went grocery shopping, daddy and i sat on the deck while EP took a nap. i got to waste time playing some Wii and then daddy made dinner. let’s just say that he makes the BEST chicken marsala on this planet. and then he even did some of the dishes too!!
so as you can see i had a very nice mommy’s day!!

it’s potty time

so we’re on the potty train again. well at least last night we were. EP pee pee-ed in the potty before bed. it’s a small step in the right direction.

tonight we’re going to the SYMPHONY UNDER THE STARS with shana and her family. EP loves aunt shana, and since they have the same birthday- they get along great!!

right now it’s time to get the laundry done. i need to figure out a way to get “buuuh” away fro la petite, cause he needs a bath!!

early to bed, early to rise

i’m usually a night owl. these past few days i’ve been super tired by 11 that i end up in bed and asleep. much to my chagrin, that means i’m awake around 4am, then back to sleep til about 730 ish. i’m not a morning person by nature, but i must say that getting up earlier than usual, makes me feel like i have so much extra time on my hands half way through the morning. i know it’s just because i’m not used to waking up so early. and this perception won’t last much longer.

last night KT and i headed to savanna’s for dinner. then we went to see the ALTAR BOYS. it was a good play. pretty funny. and you know i like my boy bands so i could totally relate. while i was out EP got some QT with her daddy and they did some arts and crafts- and made my mother’s day card.
when she woke up this morning she was talking about mommy’s card… but i have to wait until sunday.

the day after

we had a great party yesterday. we are truly blessed with good friends and family. everyone had a great time. EP had a ton of fun and we survived a house full of kids with the pugs and everyone was intact at the day’s end.
i made a rainbow cake with the butterfly pan and did rainbow cupcakes for the kids. the icing didn’t “happen” the way i envisioned, but kids will eat any kind of frosted cake thing you put in front of them. it doesn’t have to be pretty- just taste good.
josh came through on making some fancy streamers, and i managed to get the balloons tied up to the fence just as people we arriving.
EP got a ton of great presents, and everyone was generous as always. between the tinkerbell music box, playdough and puzzles- she was ready for be by 8:30- daddy on the other hand, fell asleep on the sofa while they were cuddling. it was a long day.

this morning, we put on our aurora dress and tiarra, played with the butterfly elephant game, put on the DJ lance rock hat, and a new nightgown, and galoshes, then played with her fairy thumbelina, all before wanting to even eat breakfast.
all that playing has made for a very worn out little 2 year old who is currently napping.
maybe i should follow her lead.