the things she says

there are days when i am caught off guard with what comes out of EP’s mouth.

for instance. we’re potty training and when she’s on the toilet, she says, “mommy lizzy privacy please.” the first time i heard that i about peed myself. and when we pass the golden arches, she says. “mommy, there it is!! burger cheese please.” and when she want’s to execcise her independence, she say’s, “lizzy by herself mommy.” she’s growing up so fast!!

i have a family of cardinals. it’s really sweet. the daddy bird will sit on my back porch looking through the back door for me and chirps to inform me that he would like some seed. yesterday he brought the family, 3 total.  i guess he has me trained.

it’s sunday??

the week and then weekend has flown on by…

i have been getting some stuff organized this week. i’m also cleaned out my closet and got rid of almost everything that was “work related” or lingering club gear. i honestly think there are under 20 hangers left with an item of clothing on then… i also got rid of 2 pairs of shoes… now i have a few things to do to be clutter free. then i’m hoping to get to work on some long over due projects once and for all. hopefully once i’ve organized, lizzyP will have less to get into, so i won’t have the excuse of being consantly distracted.

let’s just cross our fingers…

my list of stuff to be done is ever growing. it’ so intimidating, but if i don’t start somewhere, i’ll continue to be lazy and nothing will be accomplished.

we had a good time at gymnastics on thursday. EP is coming out of her shell little by little and getting stronger every time. i’m hoping by the end of this session that she won’t be a scardy cat at all, and do every part of the classwithout being scared. she’s still one of the youngest in class,  so i’m hoping she’ll learn from the bigger kids. this week starts our session with out the summer camp kids… woo-hoo. friday we had tennative plans to see nana but that fell through. we ended up at  the park on saturday, but after 30 minutes it started to rain. at least EP got to have some play time with her daddy. he’s been working a lot the past few weeks, so extra play time is always good.

side note: i really do not like watching DORA…

i made crepes for dinner. there’s something calming about a thing as simple as a crepe. speaking of crepes, i really want to see julie and julia (or is it the other way around) but i’ll wait til it comes out on dvd. it’s difficult to find someone to get to the movies with, and i don’t think this movie in on the top of josh’s to watch list.

lenie’s great dane had 6 puppies about 2 weeks ago and they are growing fast. i saw pics last week and they’re huge compared to pug puppies. i miss her tons, but he’s loving tennessee. i wonder if she’s gonna git her an accent y’all… lizzyP actually still asks about her, which is so sweet. were hoping next year to be able to go up and visit, make a road trip of sorts.

oooh i’m excited that KT thought of me last week. she ended up getting tickets for us to see DM in concert. that should be a fun evening. it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them in concert. too long, in fact.

i think i’ve caught up from the week past…

after the show

they came, we saw… i’m tired.

we had a GREAT time at the JONAS concert last night. EP was super good, but got antsy as she was waiting for the JB to take the stage. she seemed to like honor society, liked the wondergirls hot pink dresses and bopped her head to jordin sparks. when the boys took the stage she cried because she wanted to hug thme and give them high5’s but they weren’t close enough. but she waved at them and called their names and sang along to most of the songs. she was too stinkin cute!!

but… we we’re BURNING UP. it was so freaking hot inside, like a sauna. note to self: next  time wear shorts, or dress for the beach…

the drums were amazing BTW, i was super impressed with the overall band and stuff. and of course the JONAS BROTHERS were in full effect and put on a great show. i only wished it was a little longer of a show, but given the audience demographic and the fact that nick is still 16 (going on 17) i guess there must be child labor laws or diabetes type 1 laws to ensure the show doesn’t go on for 2 hours… but we had FUN. and lizzyP had an awesome time 😉

time to get back to the normal swing of things. my aim messenger account is messed up. i forgot my password and the email i origionally signed up with, so i’m screwed. time to make a new account or whatever. this sucks since i’ve had everyone on my buddy list for like 10 years and now have NOTHING… stupid AIM and the not so good password recovery system. i’m phucked!!

tickets in hand

josh came home with tickets in hand. lizzyP is gonna fReAk oUt. it’s gonna be an interesting night. i wonder how she’s gonna react once she “get’s it” and realizes that they JB are right in front of her on a stage. WOW…

we had a good time at gymnastics. we had a boy trainer along with missJ so lizzy got a little scared. she’s so shy around big boys. but she did good wih trying to do her stretches and stuff right from the beginning of class. i’m hpping after summer camp is out (one week to go) that she will be more focused and less scared, still she did really good today considering the new trainer. and she’s the youngest in class; most of the other tots are 4 and a few are 3, and one of the little boys is really sweet and helpful with her. which is really cute.

i love reality tv. the STALLIONAIRES are back in full effect. i love chance and real… they put the icyhotstuntaz to shame…

but in all seriousness… we’re going to see JONAS BROTHERS… how freaking cool is that. i love my pop-rock…


i just got a call from the boy and he says, “wanna go to the jonas show next tuesday?” and i was like, “ummm that would be fun, what are the seats like??” so the seats are in the second tier corner and the stage is in the center floor… then josh said that someone at work was selling 2 tickets, and i’m thinking… <gotta find a babysitter>… and then he says, ” it will be fun for lizzy to see JONAS BROTHERS in concert…”

so-o i’m going to the show and lizzyP is attending her first real concert at the tender age of 2-ish… how unreal is that?? she’s gonna freak out when she sees them live— and not on a tv… she loves joe jonas and while we were shopping today she informed me that she wants a joe jonas pillow… i don’t know where she came up with THAT request, but she really likes them a lot… so it’s going to be a very interesting evening…

now we need to figure out what to wear, and all that stuff… it’s gonna be a mommy and me GNO… WOW!! daddy ROCKS!!

first gymnastics class

so lizzyP had her first gymnastics class. she’s so shy when it comes to new people and things. i was the only mommy in the group since all theother kids had been in class for 6 weeks. so the trial class was pretty cool. lizzy didn’t do any of her stretches, but once everyone went to the bars, she decided to take one of the instructors by the hand, and do the circuit. i got all misty eyed watching her. the instructors are really patient and have a handle on getting the kids involved. so i was really impressed!! after the bars, it was vault and ring time. then zip and balance beams… and we ended with the trampolines… when everyone was done, EP came up to me and said, “lizzy jump lizzy bounce.” she had a huge smile the whole time in class. so we are going to finish this session with the last 2 classes for summer class, and we are already signed up for the fall class. 

we got MCD’s on the way home and now she’s napping. she’s tired after all the excitement.


lizzyP and i like the jonas brothers. i can’t help but like pop-rock. it’s my guilty pleasure. so last night daddy was playing some JB songs on the guitar, lizzy was singing along and dancing with me, and daddy was doing back up vocals. this was good family fun time. and we were rockin’ so hard that a string broke… how punk rock is that??

i’ve been thinking lately. and i’ve come to the conclusion. i am “peter” from a movie we just saw. josh was like, “that’s so-o you.” and i was like, “hmmm it IS…” it was a great movie, and we laughed so hard. speaking of movies, there are a few that i’m wanting to check out. thankfully josh is ok with watching chick flicks with me. he’s a good guy!!

on that note, we just put her to sleep. we stayed up a little late tonight to watch some SYTYCD, she loves watching dancers. and now we’re off to veg on the sofa. i have a big day tomorrow. la petite has her first gymnastics class, a mommy and me course, i hope she likes it. 


today we went out and checked out the toddler class for gymnastics. so next thursday we have out intro class to see is EP will particilpate in a class. i hope she does. i think we’ll have fun.

then we went and dropped off the changing table to a friend, and hung for a bit. off to McD’s for “burger cheese, fries and orange drink.” and then we shopped!! we went to the toys R us and got a big bin of blocks. EP and daddy have been playing and building for a while now. it’s cute to hear her tell daddy what she’s making.

she’s becoming very inventive!!