the lost treasure

yesterday we went to WDW for a sneak preview of thinkerbell’s next movie, “the lost treasure.” it was really cute, so next month when it comes out on DVD we’ll be ordering it on the movie club for sure. we also got to see a sneak peek of the 3rd movie that has been worked on and there are 2 more in production!!

then we headed to downtown disney and had dinner a t-rex restaurant. we got to eat in the ice room which was really cool excpet that i was freezing (reall cool- get it?) and the room kept changing colors so it was hard to see what you were eating. we ended the night shopping and EP filnally got her CHIP and DALE stuffies that she has been requesting.

today little miss thing has a runny nose, but is pretty good spirits. now we’re wondering if we should go out this week for date night or not. i don’t know if she’s will get any worse- so we’re waiting to see how she’s doing for the rest of the day.  right now she’s making some food for us. we have her kitchen set up and everything is out: pots, pans, plates, utensils, spices, tea set and foods- the pugs are exiled to the kitchen until after lunch while we play.

speking of lunch, i’m getting a little hungry myself!!

going out

so i went out last night with tomtom. i had a fun night at the alibi, had a great time with tomtom, and ended up meeting some really sweet boys.  but i was out waaay late, i got home waaay past pumpkin time, and crashed in bed around 2:30am thanks to some really great long island iced teas.

so of course this morning i’ve been feeling a little, just a wee bit, rough. i should have had some pedylite to fix me, but it didn’t cross my mind at the time. oh well…

in other exciting news: lizzyP did great at gymnastics. she did the zip line and the trapeze with out the usual, “no mommy lizzy scared” routine. even miss jessica was proud of her. and she was even high 5-ing one of the daddy’s there, which as you know EP is afraid of strangers, especially men. so it was an awesome time yesterday.

this week josh has started working the new job officially and it’s been great having him working from home. lizzy has enjoyed lunch with daddy every day this week. it’s been great!!

oh and i sold 2 more pug items from my ETSY store. now i need to make a few more dresses to put up for sale. i’m only doing 7-10 items in the store at a time, and i’m selling super cheap just to move a few things and get some sales, maybe by chirstmas i’ll have made a little extra spending ca$h- that’s the plan.

we’re going to see the new tinkerbell movie at WDW this weekend, sneak preview. i hope it’s good!!

the color of dawn

now when one thinks of dawn, you probably think of a beautiful florida sunrise. we have some of the prettiest sun rises. day break, the first light of dawn, just when the sun rises to light up the sky, can be inspiring. our sunrises are so multi colored, and range from golden pink with hues of deep and vibrant blues…

the color of dawn…

well the crack house next door was also the color of dawn, i’m referring to the color of dawn dish washing liquid. sad but true, we live next to a house that is the very same hue of “dawn dishwashing liquid blue” and well, it’s been like that for 5 whole years.  i know this color well, since i USE dawn in the kitchen, to do the dishes!! everytime i see that deep hue of tealish blue i think of the house next door automatically.  you would have thought when we were looking at our house we would have noticed the house next door and maybe we would have moved elsewhere, as that should have been a sign of things yet to come… i suppose we were wearing our rose colored glasses that day, so we didn’t really notice.

but i digress.

a few weeks ago a new flipper bought the vacant house next door, after being on the market for a year. it went from 160K right on down to 24K and no that was not a typo… thank you plummeting housing market and all the people that have contributed to OUR home’s decreasing value. we are stuck here, paying our mortgage, you know, doing the “right thing” while everone else around us aren’t.  and so there goes our home’s dwindling value, unable to sell or move… hmm any ways, oh and they’ve been fixin it on up… i’m already weary of getting new neighbors, since that house is cursed, and there was a gagle of “ladies” that happend to be inquiring on said location 2 days ago… now if you don’t want me to listen to your conversation, don’t talk so freakin loud;  but when i over hear things like, ” oh we don’t discriminate, but we don’t be hanging with no child molestors…” well i can only imagine who will inhabit the house next door.

one thing for certain, at least it got painted. it’s now the shade of butter, an improvement none the less.

my fingers are crossed that the new neighbors, whom ever thay may be, will be tolerable. otherwise TPD will be back on speed dial.


it’s thursday, so you know what that means… time to go to gymnastics. since the very first class lizzyP has really started coming out of her shell. she insists on walking in by herself, rather than be carried like she did the frist two classes. and when she see her instructors she get so exctited. her favorite is jessica, and she can’t wait to see her. she talks about all her instructors which is super sweet.

and then… daddy made a visit to gymnastics today. this was the first time he’s been able to break away from his hectic work schedule and watch class. let me just say, she spotted him as soon as he was in eyesight and screamed, “daddy’s here look daddy.” she was so excited to show off for him. she did really well with her class and this time she walked the balance beam without any assistance!! every time there’s something new she’s getting better at. she’s really loving her class.

prime time tv

well last night’s season finale of MORE TO LOVE made me happy. usually my favorite person doesn’t get picked, and then i’m mad til the next reality show but… this time was different.  i was glad to see tali and luke together!! i think he made the right decision.  woo hoo…

hell’s kitchen should be back next week, 😉

BIGGEST LOSER season 8 also started last night. i watch that show religiously. ths season a lot more bleeps are happening. 

of course SYTYCD started last week. EP and i watch that together, along with DANCING WITH THE STARS.

oooh GLEE is a newbe that we’ve gotten into, and i’m hoping that COMMUNITY COLLEGE will be funny as well as MODERN FAMILY

REAL CHANCE of LOVE has been pretty entertaining….

still wondering what’s up with the GHOST WHISPEREREREERE…

and of course JONAS fridays with the kiddo…

yep, tv time has been entertaining thus far…

oh and happy birthday NICK JONAS!!

born to shop

lizzyP loves to go shopping. over the next week i will put her to the ultimate test of how much a girl can take. we’ll be hunting for a new sofa. this should be tiresome. i’m excited about the possibilities but whenever you WANT to get a certain thing is usually when you can’t find what you’re looking for… so let’s keep our fingers crossed that we happen upon something we can all 3 agree on.

in other news, EP has requested that aladin and princess jasmine needs a magic carpet, so i guess i should make one for them.

tonight is enchlida night, i should really get started now on them so we can eat around 6:30…

when does summer end??

we went to WDW today. talk about the heat index!! it was unbearably hot today; but we still had a good time. today EP got to see snow white and pluto and rida a few rides. we also scored a package of the villians to add to the castle crew.

now it’s time to crash on the sofa and watch some tv with the boy. 3 day weekend are the best.


my thumb hurts… thanks to the PS3. i’ve been logging a bit of time on little big world over the past day… it’s a lot of fun!!

speaking of fun- josh and lizzy are goofing around on the sofa. it’s bed time for la petite, but since daddy has had to work some extra long days at work, i figure she can stay up a little to have some QT with him. yesterday she said, “daddy no go to work, cuddle sofa with lizzy.”

today we went to gymnastics. lizzyP did a forward roll and a spider wall walk all by herself. she also managed to to a forward turn/flip on the bar… she’s really liking gymnastics and her instructors. she was so worn out when we got home, that she wanted to take a nap.

speaking of sleep, i think it’s time to get her ready for bedtime. then i think i’ll curl up on the sofa and play some more LBP.