wild things and other stuff

so it’s been a few days since my last post. been busy!!

had a great date night last tuesday. the boy and i got crabs, then scored the same game at mini golf. yep it’s meant to be, him and me.

daddy got to go to gymnastics on thursday to watch EP do her thing. class has grown so large that there are 2 classes for our time slot now. i’ve been trying to have lizzyP do the class without me, and that’s been going pretty well. she may be the youngest and smallest in her class, but she’s keeping up!! and we still have miss jessica as our instructor, so she’s got an extra set of eyes on her at all times.

we visited daddy at the new office on friday. and we got to meet the owner of groupocity. the building has a pretty cool set up, very modular, yet maze like.

friday night i went out on a hot date with the Agirl. it’s our once a month get together, that’s always a good time. we got to do some shopping, and cheese sticks and planning for the big 40. it’s crazy to think she has a kiddo getting ready to graduate HS and i’m just starting out with EP. we’re thinking about trick or treating with them next saturday… that being said- EP wants to be max from where the wild things are, so i may need to get out to the fabric store sometime soon and see if there is a suitable fabric to make a coustme for her.

speaking of fabric and costumes, i sold another pug dress!!

we accomplished a lot on saturday. went to red lobster (wonder when this one  will close now that we’ve enjoyed their fine establishment) and EP poohed on a public potty for the first time. talk about a moment of personal achievement. it was a momentous occasion. so we celebrated and bought new sofas!! the new sofa and love seat are scheduled to arrive at our door on tuesday. finally- new furniture for the living room. now i need to make curtains!!

today we went to ybor and had burgers, played some video games and then went to a movie. lizzyP love the book where the wild things are, so we took her to see the movie. she held my hand and looked at me and said, “i love you too mommy.” how sweet is that? when we got home she climbed in bed all on her own, to take a nap because she was sleepy.


bounce just bounce, let me see that body bounce, cause my rhymes are so fly and my jeans are so tight, that i make these people BOUNCE…

ok i have a new favorite song. the JB have done a really fun song called BOUNCE and the video is just silly. needless to say i was feeling a little ill the past day, and saw this and it made me laugh (coupled with EP BOUNCING along to the song) just another reason that i think the JB are a bunch of great kids:   OMG i can’t dance, but i can totally BOUNCE!! http://bit.ly/4Dcj3v this is a fun song!!  


hump day

this week has flown by. and where have i been?? not typing here.

i have a new obsession with an on line game. needless to say soon i will be at risk of going to war, so i must align my troops and build my fotresses and somehow hope i will not be crushed on saturday. that is when my BP or “beginner’s protection” runs out.

in the real world we had another fun filled date night!! movie, drinks and appitizers followed by some shots was a a good way to spend the evening. although our shots were a bit of a disaster, they were drinkable.

i still need to get the other dress and shirt posted to the CrabbyBull to sell. and then there are a few things on my todo list that still need a bit of attention.

and where did the time go?? halloween is almost here and next thing you know i’ll be making a turkey, then watching EP open presents. seriously… the days are flying by right now… guess we need to start our christmas shopping soon!!

the search continues

still on the weekend prowl for a sofa. and still haven’t found what we are looking for.

today we made our way to IKEA… well i wasn’t very impressed with their selection. everything there was just so modular and that’s so not my style. i’m more of a traditional sofa kinda girl. hopefully soon (like next weekend) we’ll find something for our living room.

graduation day

today la petite “graduated” from this session of gymnastics. she’s grown from a shy little girl that would cry and hold onto mommy when miss jessica even mentioned the trapeeze to a girl that says, “my turn my turn, lizzy do it by herself.” and then she hangs on all by herself and let’s go!! how cool is that…

this session we’re continuing with the class. i wonder what she’ll conqour next.

date night

it’s been about a year since the boy and i had a proper “date night” not counting that one afternoon we got to do lunch with out la petite. hard to believe that; like a year!! 

date night was so nice. we got to spend time together, eat dinner and walk around, just the 2 of us. of course i missed EP but i wasn’t worried about leaving her. miss jessica is such a sweet girl. she brought princess crayons and coloring sheets for EP. and when  we got home she gave us the rundown of their evening together oh yeah and she even did the dishes!!

money well spent.

next week we’re planning on going to see a movie

in other news- over the past week i’ve sold another dress from mt ETSY store. i also bought a new hepa filter for the vaccuum- it’s the febreeze one, and it really cool. on saturday we headed to the ‘hood park and then got some BBQ from so good BBQ. then on sunday we went to a friend’s house for brunch. EP went face first into the pool while in an intertube… next session we’re doing gymnastics and swimming!! all in all we’ve been keeping busy.