i had a sinus headache and a stuffy/runny nose. ;(

i’ve cut back on the multitude of duties at “work” so i won’t be helping out as much. it was turning into a full time job too fast, and lizzyP is my first priority. she’s number 1. eventually they will find someone to take over the tweeting and stuff too, so no hard feelings. i’m just glad i was able to help out when i could.

right now lizzy is cuddled up next to me – we’re watching thinkebell and the lost treasure coming soon to disney dvd… that’s what lizzyP calls it- she has the marketing pitch down. now she’s wanting “jonas angles” so we may need to rent night at the museum – the second one – since i opened my big mouth and told her about it. my kid loves all things jonas.

this week we’ll be doing more decorating. we have a christmas village on the mantle. now we need to figure out where to put the tree… i think it will be in the dining room now that there’s not a ton of available space with the new love seat. this year i think we’ll get a 5ft tree instead of the 7 foot tree… we’ll be going hunting maybe next sunday…

the weather has been nice. we had a fire the past few nights and roasted marshmellows in the fireplace. so its been nice and cozy here at this old house. i don’t know how we managed before the new AC unit and insulation… she’s still a wee bit drafty, but nothing like before… i think next thing to look into is a proper flu for the chimney…

come out come out where ever i am

i’ll tell you where i’ve been… breaking in my side of our new sofa- working my a$$ and fingers to the bone. we launched and things are staring  to gain momentum. but for the past 2 weeks i’ve been so emmersed in the work part of my life- that the personal blogging and what not has not been touched. my poor little finger are just NOW getting used to all the extra  curricular typing.

so yeah- the launch has happened. and we’ve been working out the minor kinks and adjustments with having a new web based business. it’s been crazy— i’ve been twittering like a mad hatter!!

in other news, EP was a twitter sensation a few nights ago. the boy posted a pic for think geek’s action shot of the month and within 5 hours her photo had over 1000 hits… if her photo wins their internal drawing- she gets 100 in g33k bucks- so that would be super cool.

thanksgiving is around the corner. we have decided to make ribs instead of a turkey. i think that means i’ll have help in the kitchen since he’s on rib duty and i’ll be doing the sides.

there’s more going on that i should write about, but i’m going to take a break from the computer sitting on my lap and have some QT with my husband now!!

friday the 13th

so it’s friday the 13th…

our taco bell order was messed up and ghost whisperer didn’t tape.. what’s gonna be the third thing?? who knows.

last night i was sitting in the living room, these sofas are pretty comfortable BTW, and i heard a lot of squeeking. i mean a lot. i thought hector had invited an army of friends over for a slumber party. that would have sucked. so the boy and i headed outside to investigate. turns out the fruit bats were feeding on miss bernice’s grapefruit trees next door. those little guys move fast. now we’re wanting to build a bat box or two for them, i’d rather bats than rats any day of the week…

i’m so goth  😉

what dreams may come

so i’ve been working for almost 3 weeks now. it’s weird to have impending deadlines and other people’s opinions about what i write, but this is a great experience. i’m learning a lot, and have been given warm fuzzies on occasion from “the boss” so he’s liking what i’m doing. we’re launching in a few days, and there’s still a lot of things i have to re-write, review, add some sprinkles to… i feel like i’m baking a cake and as long as no one slams a door, we’ll be ok! (doors slamming somehow ruins the cake- it won’t rise!)

speaking of cake- i had the craziest dream last night. i had a dream that josh decided to surprize me with a brand new car. in my dream,  he managed to buy a new car- buick i think- and had it in the drive way when i woke up the next morning. it was a grayish color on the outside, sedan model, but had a bit of the late 70’s flare… like i said, this was a dream. so i open the car and the interrior was red. and deep almost burgandy color of red. it had red leather seats in the front and back, red vinys dash and carpets and interrior panel detailing. even a nice red steerinng wheel. at first it didn’t hit me. i was just in shock, so i went inside for a bit then asked him if he noticed how red it was. he said of course he did, but it was a custom job and he got it at a great deal… and i was like, i can’t drive around the neighborhood in a pimped out red velvet cake car, take it back!!  TAKE IT BACK!! then i woke up.

i am happy to report that i still have my ‘99RAV and that it was only a dream.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY!! i can’t forget that today is veterans day…

anyways- between now and my last post,  a lot has happened. but time has elapsed and i’m so busy that i’m not going to play catch up. anyways some of it really isn’t important when i think about it in the whole of what i’m doing right now. and right now i’m being showered with kisses by la petite who has just informed me that she wants to go pee pee, so that’s my cue.



my time has become more valueable over the past week. i’m working on so many things right now. i must say it’s a good feeling.

i made EP’s halloween costume for trick or treating. daddy has been reading where the wild things are for the past few months, which has become one of her favorite books. so over the past month we’ve asked on multiple occasions, “lizzyP what do you wanna be for halloween?” to which she sweetly replies, ” i wanna be MAX!” no fairy princess or any of that non-sense. nope, she wants to dress up like max. so being the good mommy that i am, i made her a costume. she looked so cute!! and to top it off, daddy and i went as bacon and eggs. so we we got dressed up too.  we made plans with the Ateam and went with their family. lizzyP now has a jellybean… and she had a a ton of fun playing B-ball with the big boys.

come to think of it my sewing pile has been neglected. partially due to the halloween project, and partially because the pile keeps growing. i really need to chain myself to the machine and get a few things done. pug rescue has shown a little bit of interest in partnering up with me and they may put a link to my site- so i can sell a few more items, in return for a small donation of items sold through rescue. hopefully i will hear back more soon.

the new living room sofas have been so nice. i took a nap today and they are so perfect for cat naps. i have a few things left to do to the living room, like find some new lamps and get the material for the curtains. hence the mound of sewing – just another thing to add to whan needs attention.

my blogging has been going well. this week i need to organize a few things that need to be done and reviewed. it’s nice to have a few deadlines to work towards, to keep me focused on the task at hand… now i just need to make sure i can get EVERYTHING done BEFORE it’s needed. i want to be ahead of the game this week.

we have new neighbors at the crack house. i think they’re dealing. not even a day here and already i’m seeing suspicious traffic. TPD is on speed dial. i’m trying not to jump the gun, but something tells me that the cars driving by last night- weren’t trick or treating for candy… unless it was nose candy. i we ever have a ton of money, i’m hitting up johnny (depp) to see if we can just live on his island.

the time change has taken effect it always throws me off for at least a week. however with the change of time there also  feels to be a change in the weather, as well as a few other facets of my daily life. today was a beautiful day, just a slight breeze with the sun shining down. makes me remember just how luck i am. and i am!! now if i could only find a way to get up to TN and see lenie, before the leaves drop, that would be the icing on my cake.  speaking of, i may just make a spice cake sometime this week, if the weather continues.

well it’s close to EP’s bedtime. i need to get some work and cleaning done… this week is going to be a busy one. thankfully EP has become super helpful, so i’ll be putting her to use!!

time to make a list so i won’t forget anything 😉