merry merry

had a nice christmas.

it was nice that everyone came over on christmas eve for lunch at the sherman compound. we had a good time with everyone and EP was so excited that everyone came over. then we went to watch the boat parade at chad’s. it was nice of him to have invited us to his annual christmas party. lizzyP was so excited to see santa driving a boat.

the next day (christmas morning)  we had a perfect day. lizzyP got to open all her gifts at her leisure and play all day long. she got so many great gifts. she was a little overwhelmed to say the least. everyone is always so thoughtful and generous. the F-150 was outside waiting for her, but he was a little intimidated with the idea of driving all by herself. but i’m happy to report that the next day she was doing donuts in the back yard, the kind that even richard petty would have been proud of. her favorite number is #3 – coincidence? probably.

been catching up on some “light” reading, and spending our evenings on the sofa thanks to netflicks super awesome streaming video. this sh!t is awesome. anyways, i think i’ll get the dogs out to potty and turn in soon.


i’m ALMOST ready

we went to see santa this weekend. EP pulled her “i’m scared and afraid” routine. i pretty much expected it since santa has a beard and is a stranger. so i got to sit with santa to help calm la petite. he was cooing and stroking my back in an effort to calm lizzy. oh and he and he smelled like mint- not booze!! in a way i guess it was soothing. so much so that i was going almost going to sit on his lap and make some requests, but something told me that might not be such a prudent idea…

one gift left to hunt down, and my shopping will be finished. the F-150  arrived today so the boy put it together while i shopped like a ninja at le target. we had late night McD’s while i wrapped everything. our little girl is going to freak out on christmas morning (or at least she better) because she’s got some super cool stuff wating for her to open.

she asked santa for an ariel toy with king triton and price eric. CHECK and wrapped!! then today while she was helping me clean she told me she wants a cinderella dress since cinderella is always cleaning. CHECK and wrapped!! she’s really into dressing up and loves her aurora gown, my little princess!! like i said she’s going to have a very nice christmas.

speaking of nice christmas- chad gave us a nice christmas bonus. working for a start up has been going good. i’m hoping after the new year that we get tampa situated and running like a well oiled machine and then grow and get established in some more cities. that would be exciting!!

well it’s late, and i have to wake up in 2 hours with EP… i should get to bed and try to sleep. but i’m so excited and  it’s begining to look a lot like (and FEEL like) chistmas. with the cold weather, the smell of victoria (my christmas tree-yes i named her) garland and the stockings hung from my chimney with care… i think everything will be falling into place rather nicely…

now if only i could find that darned last gift!!

silly girl

me: lizzy what is this ornament doing on the floor?

her: i don’t know.

me: (inspecting ornament) lizzy did you eat the ornament?

her: um yes mommy and it tasted not too good.

me: lizzy i told you those weren’t cookies!

her: i know mom…

of course i’ll keep this ornament and give it to her when she’s older.

oh and she calls me “mom” now, not mommy (unless she’s tired) so i guess she’s growing up. at least she still cuddles with me.

tonight the boy has brought back sammie fridays… i’m excited because whenever somome else makes a sandwich for you, they always taste so much better. that being said i should get the cheese grated in a bit and cut up the turkey and heat the oven… daddys hould be home by 7!

farewell to thee

the boy was just playing a little guitar riff and words are coming to me:

it’s not the last time that i’ll try, but i’m going my own way- tonight.

it’s not the last time that i’ll say those 3 words, but now is not the time.

and so i bid farewell to thee, as time is passing by.

farewell, adieu- good night

today i’ve been in the kitchen with the kiddo. we’ve been very creative and crafty today. i’m so tired because lizzyP in the kitchen makes things progress in a negative 3 factor, but i love doing things with her- so what if it took all afteroon to get stuff done, and that daddy came home to dinner a little late and the house a disaster area… we had fun!!

the tree is up. i went with a skinner tree this year… i’m calling her victoria since she’s skinny like a victorian tree. i’m keeping her rather sparse on the ornaments— maybe it’s my whole less is more thing, but she’s pretty and i have my angel on top- so i think it’s perfect!

we went to WDW on friday and spent the day at the MK. we stayed all day and got to see minnie and mickey and the princesses. and even got to see the lighting of cinderella’s castle! it was so pretty. like lizzyP says, “dreams come true mommy.”

we went out last week to look at lights, but it seems not many places in tampa get all done up, maybe it’s the economy… we have lights up and so do a few of the neighbors. i call it “sprucing up the hood” a little pun with the word spruce— like the tree- haa haa haa, right?

i’m excited that we’re doing something at our house this year on  christmas eve. as the oldest, i really want to entertain for the holidays… and now that we have a house, and mini-me, it seems like everyone might actually come over and celebrate with us. we have all of EP’s gifts bought. still waiting on the “big gift” to be shipped. it’s being frieghted to us… but is promised to be here by the 24th… no it’s not a pony!! although we do have a big enough yard for one…  by friday i’m hoping to have everthing done that i’ve got on the list- so that being said i have a ton of sh!t to do… the never ending and ever growing “to do” list…



it was january, 1963

when johnny came home witha gift for me.

he said, “i bought it for you because i love you,

and i bought it for you cause it’s your birthday too.”

he was so very nice, he was so very kind- to think of me at this point in time.

i used to think of him, he used to think of me.

my friend johnny likes new order almost as much as i do. he’s going through a rough patch right now, so this is my little way to let him know i’m thinking of him.

in other news, lizzyP has been super happy today. she had chocolate milk this morning and managed to create the cutest mustache ever. i was able to get her to stay still just long enough to snap a picture! i think tomorrow we might go for a walk in ybor of the weather is nice. we have a few things to do so maybe we’ll see of daddy wants to meet up for lunch too. i still need to get to the mall, but the idea of that chaos makes me think i can wait until after the new year to get my brow pencil and traceless… but i really need it now!!