new note 18

remember when you and me were friends
you said that you would stay until the end
of time has past but this just couldn’t last
always and forever’s what you said.

now i’ve given up and those dreams once dreamt
it’s time to be a grown up the reason
is not so clear but to be done
i always thought you were the one.

all this time has past and those days are gone
it’s nice to take a look at what was wrong
and figure out what i should have said
to have you by my side once again.

there’s this great song that the boy has had done forever. i for whatever reason find it easiest to write lyrics in the shower. i’m a water person… i guess.

so there he sits working on this mash up and i can’t tell what the rappers going on about, but i’ve found MY pocket and words are flowing like the water from the faucet. so i jump out- dry off… grab the lappy and get it down.

the song feels like a graduation song- and i HAD some lyrics written SOMEWHERE in one of my many pads of endless unfinished songs… so maybe i can find that page of lyrics and see if what i just wrote will mesh…

i’ve taken a little different approach in phrasing- it’s something josh seems to like with lyrics one line’s ending is the next line’s beginning. so i’m doing a little more of that these days when i’m writing.

in other news- got stuff up for my pug closet on ETSY… need to finish up sewing this weekend. i want everything done for the pug rescue event by end of the month- so then i can be ready for 6 feb.

been working… and someone asked if i’d like to help with a blog with them… not sure if i’ll have the time, but it may be a good start for future contacts… so i’m giving it some thought. in the mean time i have to get some more stuff done around the house- been selling stuff on eBay and getting rid of some things- videogames and soon action figures are to go up for sale… once all that is done- my crafting area will be available for me to start making some stuff.

i think 2010 is going to be a busy, fruitful and eventful year for us at the sherman compound.

i’m hoping i’m well enough to maybe record this weekend. i’m in the mood and it seems whenever i’m sick josh gets the best stuff out of me… or maybe it’S NOT so good…

did you get that joke? did you?

i love fabric shopping

i bought some really great fabrics at jo-anns this week. i hope to get some sewing done this weekend for the crabbybull pug fashion show for the pug rescue valentine’s day event…

was that a run on sentence?

as of now i have 3 boys shirts done, 3 dresses to velcro that will then be done and this weekend i am determined to get at least 6 more outfits completed. i have a lot ahead of me and this week has been crazy so i’m making up for lost time. i’m shooting for 15 items to take to the pug event and i need to get a few spring/summer 2010 things up in my ETSY store, and maybe a valentines outfit too!

put the hourglass on its’ side

if i could stop time, even just for a day- that would be nice. just once.

this week i’ve been feeling better- after the medicine the DR gave me made my cold WORSE. but i think- and hope- that it’s on it’s way out. my allergy pill for whatever reason makes me really sleepy, so i’ve been napping in the afternoon with EP. and now she’s getting sick- so that’s been fun.

however… there is much to be done! this week i have been put on a mission to list all our old games and systems and other randomness on EBAYthis week. it’s like a week long firesale where everything must go! rock bottom prices and items are priced to sell!

then there’s the crabbybull pug clothing line. a week ago i was asked to do a fashion show for their valentines day event. i am hoping to have 15 items to bring, oh and i need to get some stuff up on ETSY to sell as well. and today chad asked for me to make an outfit for a potential client’s pug… this is all good stuff for the crabbybull to be doing, as i want to do more with my little business this year… but sewing with a 2/3 year old has a FEW challenges! ;P

i’ve been twittering for groupocity, as per the usual and things are moving along rather nicely. there are a lot of little extra things we’re doing and hopefully another city will be launching soon! it’s keeping my fingers (and eyes) busy since i’m reading a lot of stuff through out the day regarding tweeting and of course contacting with people on line all the time.

speaking of tweeting, i’m also helping the boy with a site showcasing lousy and crappy parking jobs all over the world. people take a picture and it is put on the site for all to see… so i try to tweet about it whenever a new photo comes in. there’s also a cell phone reminder service that’s actually pretty cool. i use it because with everything going on in my little world it’s almost like having an assistant reminding me of what needs to be done.

so it seems i’m going to be busy til at least the beginning of february getting ready for my little pug fashion show, and everything else. i just wish i had some help with it… or maybe if i could turn the hourglass on it’s side for a day i could make use of an extra 24 hours, but i’d probably sleep 😉

speaking of sleep… once again i had one of “those” nights. josh said the room was beyond dark when he went to bed and there was that strange feeling… i’ve now asked him to please wake me up if that happens…

and speaking of my most awesome husband, he’s been the super best this past few weeks. he’s getting a lot of stuff done, has been doing the dishes and did some cleaning (hence the EBAY firesale) and it’s been much appreciated. and he’s doing all this while working and doing some side work and everything else.

today lizzyP and i went to get some fish to make for dinner tonight we’re doing the bamboo infused rice KT got us for christmas and some yellow squash. since we were out at the fresh market, we got some coconut gelato to bring home for desert after lunch. it was so yummy. lizzyP said, “mommy this gelato is creamy and sweet and cold.” look at her using her descriptive words!! it was all that and more 😉

well, with everything going on, i’d say i have it pretty good.

the crabbybull

returned a call to pug rescue today and got to speak to the new coordinator for the orlando/tampa chapter for pug rescue. now that the 2 cities have merged is seems that there are new people heading up pug rescue!! the new coordinater seems nice and she has a lot of great ideas. i’ve been invited to their valentines day event and do a fashion show!! i think it’s going to be a lot of fun and a cool thing to do. now that the holidays are over i’m wanting to get back to the sewing and stuff— i’m also going to tackle the laundry room area and see if i can make a crafting area… christmas $ will be put to use for fashionable and functional storage solutions!!

it was a nice surprise to be asked to showcase my stuff!! w00f w00f!

and officially it’s not just a cold. i have a touch of the bronchitis!! so hopefully the Zpack and other presrcibed meds will allow me to breathe once again- with out a runny/stuffy nose!!

snow day

there was talk of snow- but nothing happened. the grate of the AC handler did however have a bit of frost on it this morning, so it’s safe to assume it IS cold out. 36 degrees and holding all day to be exact.

as for other stuff… i apparently take things personally. making mention of anything about that is apparently unacceptable to some. which is fine since everyone is entitled to their own interpertation of any and every situation.

maybe i do have high expectations of people and need more from most that are unable or uncapable to offer what i consider to be apropro. i tend to over give, which makes me overbearring in a sense. and then when i’m let down, i take things to heart. or maybe i set myself up- knowing i’ll be let down.

so many thories, so little care.

when i come out swinging at the bees nest- they all swarm.

BUT… today i ended up writing a song! totally unrelated to that which sparked today’s post. came up with a bass line that sparked itself into a nice little tune. lyrics, melody, drums and bass are complete… the boy gave me a different spin on some lines… maybe i should actually record now.  hmmm oh and i got a start on second song. 

i’m also making some home-made meatballs and sauce. somewhere in me is an old italian grandma hiding.

all in all i’d say it’s been a productive day, in every way.