sleeping in

the past 2 days i’ve been allowed to sleep in and nap- heck bambi even got to cuddle with me this morning. daddy got some extra QT with the kiddo and i got sleep!!

the weather is perfect out- we should be at WDW right now, but since i slept in, we stayed home… my bad- but i think the extra sleep has made me feel a little bit better. and this cold hasn’t decided to leave me as of yet- so i’ll take feeing less sick over WDW today.

this week i have a few things going on. i’m hoping that everything just falls into place as it should, and that the weather continues through out the following weekend.

there’s much to do, and much more to say… but for now i’ll just be on my way.

running shoes…

are not a fashion statement, but my mission statement!

i’ve been running around for the past few weeks. been getting a lot done. i decided to buy new running shoes a couple of weeks ago, not because i’m an avid runner, because if you knew me, you would know how far from reality that statement is, but for the sheer fact that i didn’t have a decent pair and everyone needs a good pair of tennis shoes.

so i’ve been breaking them in by wearing them when i’m out doing my errands and running around.

i’ve been so busy- i haven’t written in my blog for a while- and that’s probably a good thing. i’ve been working a little more doing stuff for groupocity, and then i’ve managed to get some clothes up at my ETSY store for spring 2010.  now i’m working on a few new items to sell, so i’m trying to get a few prototypes done to see how they do…  i’m hoping to make a little money back sometime soon. and i’m hoping to get the information i need for the event happening at the end of the month. that might get me a little exposure AND help PROoF raise a little extra $ for their pugs in need.

so instead of catching up on everything that’s gone on over the past few weeks i’ll just catch up on a few things from the past week:

this past week i had to take the car in for a few repairs, took the dogs in for check ups, vaccines and stuff and something else happend that has my account drained… but now i have dogs with tags again and a car that is safer. there are more visits to the vet needed- between getting the boys fixed soon, going back for ear checkups and then bambi’s possible heart condition…

valentines day was nice josh made pulled pork sandwiches and then baked cookies. EP made her daddy a card with pictures of the two of them together… so much love for the daddy!!


EP and i went out for a mommy and me lunch date. we found a child friendly tea shop that has goodies to eat.  we had peach tea and ate lunch and had dessert. it’s times like this,  that i look at the kid sitting next to me at the table and think to myself, “i’m so lucky.”

i’m hoping this rain and cold spell is over so that we can start enjoying time outside of the house. who know’s mayne i can take up running too!!